Foodmate US provides several grading, production control and distribution systems, all driven by the company’s ChickSort 3.0 software system.

The Foodmate grading, production control and distribution systems work throughout the processing operation.

ChickSort, an advanced data capture and sortation system, the graphics-based software offers complete control of the whole bird and cut-up operation. Using tablets and fixed terminals, ChickSort provides the user with real-time control and feedback that is recorded as the bird passes through the system. 

“Our grading, production control and distribution systems improve the overall plant efficiency and profit maximization,” Foodmate US Owner and President Scott Hazenbroek said. “ChickSort is an all-in-one software system that gathers data from all these components throughout the plant and allows the user to have control of the process through one platform.” 

Foodmate’s Weight Transfer System is a high-speed machine for transferring birds from one line to another without hands-on labor. With three built-in, high-speed load cells for fast, accurate weighing, it can be placed at evisceration to chill transfer and chill to distribution transfer. It can weigh and transfer up to 250 birds per minute.

The In-line Weigh Station can be placed at various conveyor lines for recording the weight of whole birds or parts of birds. The shackle, which is specifically designed for this unit, allows for fast, accurate weighing on distribution lines and cut-up lines. Also available, are In-Line Portion Scales which are placed in-line to capture before and after debone yield.

Foodmate’s InVision Camera is a grading system that works with the weighing component to apply a grade to each bird. Cameras, which can grade up to 250 birds per minute, are aimed at the front and back of the bird to create an image that allows the users to grade the bird. The grade is added to the data in the system that includes the bird’s weight.

TraySort is a camera-based system located in-line before the tray wrap machines. Through its advanced AI software, the system learns, identifies, and sorts product, directing it to the wrapping machine that is set to wrap that particular product. 

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