Belcampo Meat, a California-based purveyor of grass-fed and organic meats, has been accused by ex-employees of purchasing conventionally raised meat products from outside its list of farmer partners and selling the products as its own meats. The website has published an article detailed some of the allegations. You can read the article here.

Belcampo has acknowledged that one of its butcher shops in Santa Monica had inadvertently sold corn-fed beef as grass-fed but denied that it has done so deliberately. The company has added a page to its website that provides answers to some frequently asked questions about the issue.

“We are also reviewing our internal policy, training and communications policies and procedures. Effective earlier this week, there is no purchasing of meat and egg products external to our supply chain at our restaurants and butcher shops,” the company said on its website.

Evan Reiner, a butcher who was fired by the company in May, posted his allegations on Instagram following his termination. He posted images of products from companies like National Beef and Pasturebird, among other products that came outside of Belcampo’s normal supply chain. “Don’t let [Belcampo] take your money. Don’t let these people lie to you like this,” he posted.

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