Featuring multiple improvements and optimization, Yaskawa’s Smart Pendant software version 2.1 extends capability for the highly intuitive and easy-to-use Smart Pendant. Building on prior software updates, the highly efficient Smart Pendant v2.1 is well-suited for quick robotic implementation of basic assembly, injection molding, inspection, machine tending, material handling, and pick and place tasks. 

Enabling previously unsupported functions, software v2.1 provides a built-in Classic Interface view. Ideal for more experienced robot operators, this option enables the end user to reset minor and major alarms or to edit Concurrent I/O with reduced programming downtime.

Expanding on the performance improvements and extension app capabilities introduced previously, Smart Pendant v2.1 capability further improves configuration and programming of third-party devices, including Yaskawa’s Smart Packager software development kit (SDK). This desktop tool enables third parties to combine multiple components into a single convenient file. Each file, known as a Yaskawa Installation Package (YIP), enables easier robot setup by automating processes typically outlined in a manual.

Various advances, such as YRC1000 controller software updates, multi-touch jogging, 3D viewer optimizations, basic concurrent job support, improved HC-series configuration, and other INFORM usability improvements are also included.

Smart Pendant is available for use with select Yaskawa Motoman YRC-controlled robots. Soft Pendant software, a digital version of the YRC1000 pendant that can run on a Windows operating system, is also included. Contact Yaskawa Motoman to update your Smart Pendant.

Source: Yaskawa Motoman