Demolish Foods has announced the invention of a breakthrough technology that enables the scalable production of plant protein fibers, which mimic animal muscle fibers that constitute animal meat. These plant protein muscle fibers are thinner than human hair and are employed in the creation of plant-based whole-cut meats with an almost perfect equivalence to animal whole-cut meats in terms of appearance, texture and mouthfeel.

Demolish Foods's plant protein muscle fibers are made using plant protein without the addition of carbohydrates, which helps them achieve nutritional equivalence to animal meats. When bundled and combined with species-appropriate fats, connective tissues, flavors, and aromas they can be used to produce a variety of whole-cuts including chicken breasts, fish filets, and beef steaks. Furthermore, room temperature processes are used to produce these fibers which permits the creation of whole-cut plant meats that are raw and uncooked.

Demolish Foods debuted its breakthrough plant protein muscle fibers at the Future Food Tech Summit in San Francisco, in March 2022. Demolish will unveil its whole-cut plant chicken breast in summer 2022 and plans to make this commercially available by the end of 2022.

Today's plant-based meats provide alternatives to processed animal meats like burger patties, meatballs, and other forms of ground, shredded, and minced meats. However, more than half of all animal meats are purchased in the form of whole-cuts which remains largely unaddressed by plant alternatives. It is this unaddressed market for whole-cut plant meats that Demolish is looking to cater to using its groundbreaking technology.