Darling Ingredients Inc., a company that turns food waste into sustainable products and producer of renewable energy, announced it has completed the acquisition of Valley Proteins, one of the largest independent rendering companies in the United States.

The company first announced the acquisition in December 2021 for a purchase price of $1.1 billion, plus or minus various closing adjustments. As part of the transaction, Darling Ingredients has acquired 18 major rendering plants and used cooking oil facilities throughout the southern, southeast and mid-Atlantic regions of the U.S.

"We are excited to welcome Valley Proteins to the Darling Ingredients family," said Randall C. Stuewe, chairman and chief executive officer. "Valley Proteins has built a successful rendering and used cooking oil business that immediately strengthens our base business and expands our ability to provide additional low carbon intensity feedstocks to fuel the growing demand for renewable diesel."

Source: Darling Ingredients Inc.