Darling Ingredients Inc., a company turning food waste into sustainable products and a producer of renewable energy, is announcing that it has entered into an agreement with Cattlemen's Heritage Beef Co. to purchase the off-take from its planned 2,000-head-per-day beef-processing facility in Mills County, Iowa. Darling Ingredients also announced that it intends to expand its Bellevue, Nebraska, rendering plant to increase receiving and processing capacity.

"This agreement further strengthens Darling Ingredients' ability to deliver high-quality protein [...] as global demand continues to increase, and it will also provide additional feedstock for our renewable diesel production [...]," said Darling Ingredients Chairman and CEO Randall C. Stuewe. "As an integral part of the circular economy, we share Cattlemen's Heritage's commitment to sustainability and are proud to be part of this project that will bring significant economic benefits to the Midwest."

"As the world's leading producer of sustainable, organic ingredients and an innovator in a challenging and ever-changing business, Darling Ingredients is absolutely the best choice for us," Cattlemen's Heritage lead developer Chad Tentinger said. "Its front-line people have a solid record as responsible transporters and next-step processors of off-take, and that factored heavily into our decision."

Cattlemen's Heritage Beef Co. aims to provide a market for cattle raised by smaller, independent cattle producers. It plans to break ground on its Mills County beef-processing plant in the spring of 2023 with the goal of starting operations before the end of 2024. The Mills County facility is expected to bring around 800 jobs to the area and has a projected economic gain for Iowa of up to $8 billion over the next five years.

Source: Darling Ingredients Inc.