Birmingham, Ohio, May 3, 2022  ̶  Bettcher Industries, Inc. regrets to announce the sudden passing of Paul A. Schroeder, age 58, a long-time company employee. Schroeder was the company’s Regional Sales Manager responsible for supporting meat processing customers in a multi-state region including Nebraska, Kansas, the Dakotas and Western Iowa.  

Born in 1963, Paul joined Bettcher Industries in 1987 from the meatpacking side of the business, becoming a salesperson in the company’s cut-protection gloves division. In 1994 he shifted to Bettcher’s trimmer division as a regional sales manager, where he sold and serviced the company’s powered meat trimmers and related products used in cutting, trimming and further processing operations.

Paul was a specialist in pork, beef and poultry processing applications along with his extensive knowledge of plant layouts and process line operations. Over his more than 35 years in the field, Paul was the embodiment of customer-first professionalism, continually seeking ways to help operators improve their product yields, plant productivity and efficiencies. He was well-respected for his ability to come up with practical solutions to fit the particular needs of processors.

Because of Paul’s longstanding relationships developed over his many years in the industry, customers came to rely on him not merely as a valued partner in business, but also as a good friend. Commenting on that special bond with customers, Zach Van Horn, Director of North American Sales stated, "Paul exemplified everything it means to be a regional manager at Bettcher. His customer-centric attitude meant that processors could always rely on his expertise to solve problems, being first in the door of the plant and the last to leave, if need be.  With his deep knowledge, whatever he was called upon to do would result in the right solution.”

“Paul was also a great mentor within Bettcher,” Van Horn added. “Whether coaching new employees or those coming up through the ranks, he imparted his knowledge and wisdom in ways that were invaluable to them, to customers, and to the entire industry.”

An Iowa native, Paul worked at Dubuque Packing Company’s pork processing operation in Rochelle, IL before coming to Bettcher.  For many years was proud to call the state of Nebraska his home. For those who wish to offer condolences to Paul Schroeder’s family, you may do so via Bettcher Industries, Inc., 6801 State Route 60, Birmingham, OH  44889, or by visiting

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