New research and solutions unveiled by CBS Bio Platforms at the Animal Nutrition Conference of Canada (ANCC), May 9–11 in Montreal, bolster a growing body of knowledge helping the fast-expanding company take feed science to the farm.

“The ANCC offers an excellent forum to highlight our latest results  and options, as we exchange knowledge with industry colleagues,” said Rob Patterson, VP of innovation & commercialization with CBS Bio Platforms.

Strong roots in science

Strong roots in science have anchored an increasingly diverse CBS innovation and commercialization pipeline that delivers new knowledge and technology to farmers across sectors including poultry, swine, ruminants, aquaculture and more.

Cultivating the CBS science base has required investment and commitment to a broad research network, including support for students and the next generation, along with alliances with like-minded companies, noted Paul Garvey, Canadian sales manager with CBS. Progress at each level is highlighted at ANCC, which brings together researchers and feed industry specialists to learn about scientific developments related to animal nutrition.

“We’re seeing a number of important developments that will help us give livestock producers improved strategies and tools for success,” said Garvey.

Digging deeper and supporting the next generation

The results of several new CBS-related studies conducted at the University of Manitoba are featured in ANCC poster presentations.

Yanxing Niu presents her PhD research on novel bioactives from canola meal fibre, including exploring prebiotics properties to benefit the gut function of poultry and growing pigs. MSc student Oluwakemi Omotosho presents findings on the chemical composition and nutritive value of expeller cold-pressed canola (ECPC), which shows potential as a valuable alternative feed ingredient for pigs due to residual oil content.

Related to this, MSc student Andy Che presents research on the development of a near-infrared calibration model to predict the nutrient content in ECPC.

“The research of today becomes the solutions of tomorrow,” said Krisjan Jones, president of CBS Bio Platforms, leading the CBS delegation at ANCC. “At the same time, the students of today become the science leaders of tomorrow - driving our industry forward. We are very proud of our association with the University of Manitoba and other leading institutions that remain critical partners for the next generation of CBS.”

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Source: CBS Bio Platforms