WASHINGTON – Michael Wagner, owner of Lola’s on Harrison in Hollywood, Florida, is the final “Turkey Trendsetter” of 2008, the National Turkey Federation (NTF) said Tuesday.

Wagner serves turkey with elements of the holidays, which the NTF said is popular among guests year-round. his pan roasted turkey tenderloins with caramelized brussels sprouts, creamy polenta and pomegranate-cherry gravy has been the most popular menu item since the restaurant opened in July 2007.

“The dish is a play on the flavor profiles you would expect at the holiday table, which is very comforting for our guests. The tenderloin product is underused in South Florida so when our guests see it on the menu served with cherry gravy, it peaks their interest,” said Wagner.

The “Turkey Trendsetter” feature at EatTurkey.com showcases how chefs across the country are incorporating turkey onto their menus. The entire interview with Wagner and his pan roasted turkey tenderloin recipe will be available at EatTurkey.com beginning in September.


Source: National Turkey Federation