MONETT, Mo. – Tyson Foods Inc. said Tuesday that it has finished a new wastewater pre-treatment system at its Monett poultry processing plant.

Tyson reportedly built the $4.8 million system to replace the previous facility, which had been in operation for 38 years. The new system, which went on line earlier this month, enables the plant to do more extensive pre-treatment of wastewater before sending on to the city wastewater system for final treatment.

“This project is an example of our commitment to be good environmental stewards,” said David Young, manager of the plant. “It’s also an investment in the continued operation and success of our poultry business here in Monett.”

Tyson started making plans for the new pre-treatment system two years ago. The facility uses two dissolved air flotation systems, an equalization basin and other equipment that allows the plant to double-treat wastewater from the plant before it goes into the city’s system. The site of the old pre-treatment system is now available for storage and other uses by the plant.


Source: Tyson Foods Inc.