DAVIS, Calif. – Superior Farms announced on Monday the hiring of Ed Jenks as its new president.

Jenks fills the roll for Les Oesterreich, who will continue to act as the company’s CEO and chairman of the board. Oesterreich, who has been with Superior Farms for 27 years, had set his retirement date for 2011.

“We have come to know Ed through his strategic planning services where Ed has demonstrated outstanding leadership, vision and business acumen,” said Oesterreich. “During the course of these activities, he has become highly knowledgeable and acclimated to our business and its related challenges and opportunities. I am looking forward to working with him over the next couple of years.”

Jenks was previously the CEO of the Jenks Group, a privately held consulting firm specializing in strategic planning, operations management, executive coaching, executive development and training in a variety of business sectors.

Superior is a terrific company with a lot of young aggressive talent that has deep industry experience,” said Jenks. “The next few years should be exciting as this team takes on some new and invigorating challenges. To say that I’m excited to lead this group would be a gross understatement.”


Source: Superior Farms