Showing innovative ham manufacturing methods to ham processors was the motivation for CFS to organize a ham and defrost seminar. In English and Spanish, the seminar was held October 27 to 30 in San Francisco. Attendees were introduced to an atypical straight-through ham-making process that shortens their process time by up to 40 percent. Raw material defrosting with no purge was also explained to the audience.

The scientific background to meat and food technology was presented in cooperation with the University of Iowa and the University of Wisconsin. Jeff Sindelar of UW explained typical ham-making science, underlining that scientific knowledge can support ham quality in combination with innovative production. CFS worked with suppliers Marlen, Tippertie and Creminox to demonstrate the entire processing solution.

The focus was on innovative ham manufacturing methods, which improve quality and provide the highest possible manufacturing efficiency. CFS PowerCure is a straight through process. The unique massaging technology is based on a mechanical massaging concept, supported by heat/chill technology, and it not only saves time, but also increases product quality. The defrosting technology adds an efficient way of using cost-effectively purchased frozen raw materials without purge. Some ham processors suffer a loss of 7 to 8 percent due to purge in their current defrosting system, and the CFS ScanMidi can prevent them from losing this valuable money. The closed, steam-based process homogeneously defrosts meat without yield loss and any meat surface damage.