Ashworth Bros. introduces the ¾-inch pitch Omni-Pro 075 in its line of spiral/turn-curve conveyor belts. The shorter pitch of the Omni-Pro 075 is ideal for small products and closer transfers. The increased strength of the Omni-Pro comes from the 360-degree buttonless welds utilizing a “zero tension” design which allows a higher load bearing capacity. The design includes a patented “protrusion leg” that prevents welds from contacting spiral cage bars and permits the belt to run smoother with less system wear.

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Wire Belt will be featuring its new CompactGrid™ conveyor belt at the 2009 International Poultry show. The CompactGrid conveyor belt has 70-percent open surface area and is engineered specifically to replace heavier balanced weave belts and plastic modular belts. CompactGrid can reduce batter carryout on a conveyor line, maximizing product yield and minimizing product waste. It can also reduce the consumption of nitrogen in a linear freezer.

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