Chr. Hansen’s new meat cultures include a new fermentation scheme for Italian-type salamis with numerous benefits. Processors using them are able to produce sausages with the correct Italian taste profile produced faster at less cost with higher food safety. An individual salami producer gets freedom of action, as it can adapt the fermentation scheme to market requirements, sell product early in the process because of food safety and product stability and accelerate drying excessively toward the end of processing, creating a very hard surface. It can also slow down the process to create traditional high-quality flavor profiles. The culture also offers better sliceability of the sausages and good color stability. Chr. Hansen: (800) 558-0802, or visit  

Label Applicator

Label-Aire has introduced a new line of primary label applicators. The Label-Aire Model 3111-NV was designed for high-speed air-blow labeling applications at a standard dispense speed of up to 1,500 inches of web per minute or up to 2,000 inches with the optional powered rewind. Advanced features include velocity compensation for improved label placement accuracy, a microprocessor controller with digital display and ambidextrous parts. Zero Downtime Labeling allows production to continue without costly interruptions. Missing label compensation virtually eliminates unlabeled products. The applicator is also available in 3115-NV wipe-on and 3114-NV tamp-on models. Label-Aire Inc.: (714) 449-5155, or visit  

Bioreactor Plant Module

Koch Membrane Systems Inc. has launched its new Puron Plus MBR Packaged System. The system, a skid-mounted packaged plant, provides customers with a full scope of supply from prescreening and biological treatment through to the final membrane clarification step. These skid-mounted systems are designed for both industrial and municipal wastewater needs and offer customers a complete and cost-effective solution for MBR requirements. Each system offers customers a modular, small footprint solution which has been optimized for effluent requirements. The pre-engineered membrane bioreactor plants are available with capacities ranging from 5,000 to 100,000 GPD and feature Puron MBR membrane modules. The Puron MBR modules feature improved membrane density, reduced air scour requirements and simplified installation compared to first-generation MBR membrane module designs. Koch Membrane Systems Inc.: (888) 677-5624, or visit  


The Meyn jet stream scalder has a unique water flow system that pulls the carcasses down in a stream that moves with the line direction. As the water flows with high velocity along the entire skin, the heat exchange is optimized resulting in a shorter processing time. The water not only pulls the bird down, but also makes it move along with the line direction. This way, scalding at high line speeds is no longer an issue as products are not dragged to the surface and scalded on only one side. The Meyn jet stream scalder delivers an extreme uniform scalding result, independent of weight range or line speed.

Meyn America LLC: (888) 881-6396, or visit  


Sealed Air’s Cryovac CNP310 Heavy bag allows cook-in bag technology to be applied to more abusive smoked and processed products without sacrificing merchandising appearance. This includes items with hard, abrasive surfaces such as brisket, fried turkey breast, open-rack cooked beef and products coated with coarse ground spices. Post-packaging heat treatments are used to reduce pathogens, control microbial counts and extend product shelf life. Processors benefit from the high-abuse post pasteurization bag’s high-speed sealing and ink adhesion, while retailers enjoy the high-gloss, clarity and skin-tight shrink of the bag. The CNP310 Heavy bag is available in side-seal, curved-seal and straight end-seal bag types. Sealed Air: (800) 845-3456, or visit  

The Bemis EZ Peel Reseal package, a recent technology developed in North America and available through its U.S. Curwood division, features Bemis EZ Peel Reseal film, an advanced peelable technology that exposes a pressure sensitive layer when the consumer opens the package. The easy-opening action of the lidstock leaves a smooth surface for the adhesive to adhere to upon closing to keep the meats fresher, longer. A simple touch of the finger recloses the package to protect the remaining servings. The system maintains complete seal integrity around the perimeter of package, eliminating material weakening or oxygen or moisture ingress caused by die-cut or scoring used in other peel/reseal systems. Curwood: (800) 544-4672, or visit 

Fresh poultry and sausage packagers now have another choice for overwrapping styrofoam and other trays: Clysar Trayloc AF shrink film. Now featuring advanced anti-fog properties, Trayloc AF film offers a sparkling, leak-free presentation and a wider operating window than competitive films for unmatched aesthetics and performance. Crystal-clear, high-gloss Trayloc AF film is engineered to bead moisture so packages stay clear of condensation, creating a more appetizing product presentation. Package appearance is further enhanced by the film’s low shrink initiation temperature, which helps create a skintight fit with no crow’s feet or dog-ears. The film’s stretch recovery maintains a tight, attractive, protective package throughout distribution. Trayloc AF film won’t become brittle with age and is printable for high-impact shelf appeal without labels, sleeves or bands.

Clysar: (888) 425-9727, or visit

Gangway Systems

SafeRack LLC provides stronger, safer and easier-to-handle truck and railcar loading-rack and fall-protection equipment. SafeRack G4 Series Self-Adjusting Stair (SAS) gangways are constructed using metal-stamping technology and a tool-and-die process to cut out pieces of aluminum, which are then bent into the required shape, eliminating the need for as many welds and creating a stronger, more durable gangway. Other features of the SAS equipment include spring-loaded gangway and platform operation, slip-resistant tread on the stairs, safety orange handrails and mid-rails, heavy-duty bumpers and four-rail design for maximum fall protection. SafeRack LLC: (866) 761-7225, or visit

Tunnel Freezer

Air Products’ Freshline DM tunnel freezer is now available to food processors in North America. This highly flexible cryogenic freezing solution allows manufacturers to process both individually quick frozen (IQF) and flat or trayed products in a single machine. The tunnel freezer is a two-in-one solution for food manufacturers who want to grow their product lines by processing both IQF and non-IQF products with minimal capital investment. The DM has a compact, modular configuration and a patent-pending innovative design that makes it easy to clean, saving both downtime and labor costs. Coupled with ultra-quick-freezing liquid nitrogen, which provides rapid and consistent cooling, the DM helps preserve product with low dehydration and achieve high quality IQF results. Air Products: (610) 481-4911, or visit

Conveyor Belt

USDA-accepted CompactGrid conveyor belt from Wire Belt has 70 percent open surface area and is engineered specifically to replace heavier balanced weave belts and difficult-to-clean plastic modular belts. Engineered for performance, CompactGrid has been working for many production lines, saving them time and money. CompactGrid dramatically reduces batter carryout on a conveyor line, maximizing product yield and minimizing product waste. It also reduces the consumption of nitrogen in a linear freezer.

Wire Belt Company of America: (603) 644-2500, or visit

Ashworth Bros. has released its ExactaStack self-stacking spiral belt that is an exact drop-in replacement for standard and wide belt stackers. ExactaStack is available in all widths, tier heights, and mesh configurations for both spliced-in sections and complete belt replacements. As an exact drop-in replacement, no system drive modifications are required. With every option available, Ashworth can provide the right ExactaStack belt for specific production needs, ensuring throughput is maximized with increased capacity and minimized product damage.

Ashworth Bros. Inc.: (800) 682-4594, or visit

Metal Detection

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. announced Intellitrack XR (IXR), a new signal processing technology that will be integrated into the entire family of Thermo Scientific APEX metal detectors. As product safety and contamination detection remain top concerns for food, beverage and pharmaceutical companies, this software addresses the demand for better performance in challenging situations where traditional “phase out” techniques are unable to meet strict standards. Detecting metal in discrete wet products which change over time is particularly challenging for traditional phasing methods. IXR is specifically designed to handle these types of products. The innovative IXR technology learns and cancels the X (reactive) and R (resistive) product signals, leaving only the metal contaminant to be detected. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.: (800) 678-5599, or visit

Salmonella Detection

BioControl Systems Inc. announced that after collaborative study by 15 different independent industry laboratories, Assurance GDS for Salmonella was approved by AOAC International as an Official Method of Analysis (2009.03) for the detection of Salmonella in meats, poultry, poultry rinse, seafood, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, egg, pasta, peanut butter and environmental surfaces. Assurance GDS for Salmonella is a DNA-based detection method incorporating multiple layers of specificity including Immunomagnetic separation (IMS), highly specific primers and a patented probe system to provide improved accuracy. Results are available in as little as 20 hours. In addition to increased speed and accuracy, Assurance GDS for Salmonella is easy to use, requiring only a single enrichment media for most foods.

BioControl Systems Inc.: (425) 603-1123, or visit


Mettler Toledo has introduced the G20 Compact Titrator, which combines simplicity and dependability in one instrument. The G20 Compact Titrator is especially designed for basic applications, and can be operated very simply due to the well established, unique One Click user interface. The interface is optimized for direct access to all routine tasks, and provides clear information to the user. It offers four shortcut buttons for immediate start of routine tasks, whereby every user has their own homescreen, shortcuts and operation language. The solvent manager facilitates filling and draining of solvents used for titration analysis, minimizing user contact with toxic chemicals. Safety in the laboratory can be increased and time saved with sample preparation by using solvent manager to dispense auxiliary reagents in One Click. Mettler Toledo: (614) 438-4853, or visit


Duro-Last Roofing has introduced the Duro-Last Vinyl Rib roofing system, part of the Duro-Last Designer Series of roofing products. The Duro-Last Vinyl Rib roofing system is ideal for commercial roofing applications where both the aesthetic appearance of architectural standing seam and the proven, watertight performance of a single-ply roofing system are desired. The system consists of the Duro-Last single-ply membrane and separate vinyl ribs that are attached to the installation membrane. After membrane sections are fully-adhered to the roof deck, ribs are heat-welded to the membrane to ensure a permanent, secure installation. Flashings for penetrations and other transition areas are precision-fabricated in a Duro-Last facility; there is no on-site assembly of these pieces. The Vinyl Rib system is available in light gray and white.

Duro-Last Roofing Inc.: (800) 248-0280, or visit


Sullair Corp. has redesigned its 100- to 600-hp two-stage tandem rotary screw compressors. The TS Series tandem compressors offer unmatched full load efficiency; often providing a two-year payback in energy savings when compared to single-stage compressors. With the tandem’s variable capacity control, featuring spiral valve technology, further operating efficiencies can be achieved during part load operation. Redesigned to provide increased levels of energy efficiency and operating performance, these versatile compressors offer a choice of either constant speed drive models TS-20, TS-32 and TS-32S, with capacities of 500 to 3000 acfm, or Variable Speed Drive (VSD) models V-200TS and V-320TS, which have a capacity range of 495 to 2310 acfm. Pressures for all Sullair two-stage tandem models range from 100 to 175 psig.

Sullair Corp.: (219) 879-5451, or visit

Inspection System

The QISS quality inspection systems from Gainco Inc. improve inspection data accuracy and reduce redundant data entry steps. QISS quality inspection systems provide a paperless means for gathering inspection data of incoming, outgoing or work-in-process product stored in combos or pallets of totes and boxes. The systems deliver improvements in speed and accuracy to the all-important quality inspection function at meat and poultry processing facilities, while at the same time reducing the labor resources required for the process. Operators enter data in real-time via a touchscreen that features graphical icons and multilingual capabilities. All data is available in spreadsheet format for timely feedback to internal or external suppliers or customers. The QISS systems are customizable for the needs of any meat or poultry processing plant.

Gainco Inc.: (800) 467-2828, or visit

Oven Temperature

MadgeTech Inc. has released the OctThermoVault, an eight-channel thermocouple-based oven temperature profiler. The OctThermoVault can be placed directly in an oven to provide a complete temperature profile of the entire process. With up to eight channels, both product and environmental temperatures can be captured. Each thermocouple has its own cold junction compensation reference point, providing increased accuracy and response time. The OctThermoVault can withstand temperatures up to 662ºF for 25 minutes and has programmable reading rates as fast as 4Hz. Each channel can store up to 500,000 readings. Channels can be enabled or disabled to maximize memory capacity. For identification, each channel can be named with a ten-character title. After the monitoring cycle is complete data can be downloaded to a PC for further analysis.

MadgeTech Inc.: (603) 456-2011, or visit  

Supplier News

Supplier News

Reiser has completed the construction of and opened its new Customer Center at its Canton, Mass., headquarters. The Customer Center – a 6,600-square-foot expansion to its existing building – builds on Reiser’s commitment to work with their customers to test and develop new products and processes. The Customer Center features a customizable processing room with space to run individual machines or fully automated lines, as well as a full test kitchen for preparing, cooking and sampling finished product. The facility allows product to be processed under the same conditions found in most top-of-the-line meat plants in the industry. It also includes modern conference rooms for meetings and training, as well as comfortable work stations for visitors. “Reiser has a long history of providing the highest levels of customer support,” said John McIsaac, vice president of strategic business development at Reiser. “Our new Customer Center is one more way that we can help processors develop the best solution for their particular application.” Reiser’s full line of processing and packaging equipment can be tested at the Customer Center. For more information, contact Reiser at (781) 821-1290, email or visit

PolyConversions Inc., makers of VR Protective Wear, has developed a new process that accommodates rapid turnaround of protective apparel using an efficacious cleaning and sanitizing process that provides employees with reusable garments that substantially minimize the potential for work zone cross-contamination. PolyCo’s cleaning and sanitizing process for this program can be logistically and cost-effectively implemented in any meat and poultry processing environment, the company says.

Dickson has launched online support guides, in downloadable PDF and streaming video formats, to help customers easily monitor temperature, humidity, pressure and other electronic signal “events” important to critical storage. These support guides can be accessed via the “support” tab on each product page at, and cover information such as: Product Applications and Useful Features; Product Specifications; Getting Started; DicksonWare Software Specifications; Product Accessories; Frequently Asked Questions; Calibrations; Troubleshooting, and Warranty/Factory Service & Returns. This service will help organizations with needs to capture critical data get up and running with the least delay throughout the lifetime of the Dickson product.

The Dur-A-Flex Contractor Academy is a three-day session focused on teaching the Toyota Production System and how using lean tools help to recession proof a business. The curriculum is designed to help owners maintain a well-rounded business by addressing areas that will cultivate crew leaders and retain stake holders allowing business owners more time to focus on their lives away from the job. The company has listed the dates for its 2010 sessions, as follows: Spring Session Dates: March 21-March 24; April 18-April 21; May 16-May 19. Fall Session Dates: September 19-September 22; October 17-October 20; November 14-November 17. Those interested in attending may visit for details and registration.

Eagle Food Registrations Inc., a third-party certification body that audits businesses to international food safety standards, has been granted accreditation by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for the Safe Quality Food (SQF) standard. SQF is a food safety and quality certification program and management system providing certification that a supplier’s food safety and quality management system conforms to international and domestic food safety regulations. This enables suppliers to assure their customers that food has been produced, processed, prepared and handled according to the highest possible standards, at all levels of the supply chain. Eagle Food Registrations began auditing clients to the Safe Quality Food standard and providing free public training on the standard in August 2009.

Elanco Animal Health has hired Dr. John Scanga as a senior technical consultant. In this role he will work with Elanco’s marketing and sales teams, providing technical support for the company’s Beef Business Unit, while also conducting product-related research. Scanga will work from his home base in Colorado. Most recently, Scanga was vice president of technical services, meat divison for IEH, Inc. in Seattle, Wash., providing consulting and technical assistance for processors of raw and ready-to-eat meat products, in addition to managing meat specific accounts. Areas of expertise include harvest floor best practices sanitary dressing, red meat quality, carcass chilling, tenderness management, electrical stimulation, carcass and subprimal video image analysis and carcass value optimization.

Dispoz-o Products LLC, a division of D&W Packaging LLC, a manufacturer of disposable products for the foodservice industry, has earned a Superior Rating from the newly revised and stricter standards of the AIB International Food Safety and the AIB International Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Accreditation Board. The AIB International Food Safety Certifications are awarded to food and food-related manufacturers based on strict criteria set forth in the AIB Consolidated Standards for Food Safety.

Industry News

Donna Bunch Coaxum has joined OSI Group LLC as a vice president and general counsel. She was previously employed at OSI Group from 2001 through 2003 as senior counsel to corporate functions and affiliate entities including Nation Pizza, Fair Oaks Farms, and Oakland Foods. Ronald Bree has joined OSI Group as a senior vice president – sales and business development. In his new role, he leads the OSI Sales group and is a member of the North American Leadership Team. Michael Goldman has joined OSI Group as vice president national accounts, reporting to Ron Bree. He joins OSI with over 28 years of foodservice sales experience, including his most recent position as director of national accounts at Armour/Eckrich.

Delaware-based poultry company, Townsends Inc., opened its Atlanta business unit, Townsend Specialty Foods. As part of CEO Tom Weisser’s vision for growing business, Townsend Specialty Foods is focused on providing innovative solutions and the highest quality further-processed poultry products and services to the foodservice industry. The new Atlanta office not only provides Townsend Specialty Foods a strategic location to better grow and cater to its foodservice market, it will also house a new Innovation Center. “This new facility is positioned to significantly bolster the research and development capabilities of Townsends, and will afford us the flexibility to better adapt to the changing market, as well as to customer requirements for customized product solutions,” Weisser said.