Bucket Washer

The new SD-36 Bucket Washer offered by Douglas Machines is a powerfully efficient machine that comes equipped with separate wash and rinse tanks, self-contained water heating, recirculating wash water and a powerful 15 horsepower pump. Optional rack inserts are available to process a variety of other containers including those for lids, pans, molds, and trays. With a typical wash/rinse cycle of just five minutes, clean-up is quick and economical.

Douglas Machines Corp.: (800) 331-6870, or visit www.dougmac.com

Linking Lines

Handtmann offers two new high-speed linking lines for natural, collagen or artificial casings. Models PVLS 125 for high-speed portioning and cutting of links and PVLH 228 for high-speed portioning and hanging both feature ergonomically adapted dual linking horns to decrease down time between casing changes, allowing the first reliable two-second changes in the industry. The PVLS 125 includes new voiding technology that eliminates ‘grab and twist’ and is effective for processing all natural casing grades.

Handtmann Inc.: (800) 477-3585, or visit www.handtmann.com

Spray Injection System

Metalquimia has improved its Movistick Plus Spray Injection System to incorporate improved brine distribution, even color and a more versatile range of injection percentages. Available exclusively through Nu-Meat, the Movistick atomized spray injection technology injects through up to 3,312 stationary needles having 0.6mm holes with high velocity. This design creates thousands of micro drops which drive the brine deep into the muscle, giving excellent retention and even distribution through the entire meat piece.

Nu-Meat Technology Inc.: (908)754-3400, or visit www.nu-meat.com

Conveyor Crate System

Ashworth’s Rack & Roll Crate System is designed for easy crate handling and quick roll-out, roll-in belt replacements for self-stacking spirals. Food processors can now benefit from saving on both lower belt cost with ExactaStack and lower installation costs with Rack & Roll. The combination of Rack & Roll and the ExactaStack Turn-key Belt Replacement from Ashworth Factory Service is a cost-effective solution for food processors to keep stackers running at peak performance.

Ashworth Bros. Inc.: (800) 682-4594, or visit www.ashworth.com

Chemical Injector

Dosatron introduced the D14MZ3000 chemical injector. It allows for the smallest injection rates of any D14 series injector, making it ideal for the application of peracetic acid (PAA), quaternary ammonium, and other FDA-approved sanitation chemicals that must be applied in small doses. It features an injection range of 1:3000 to 1:333, or 0.03% to 0.3%, is manufactured from chemical-resistant polypropylene and features a metal-free piston, well-suited to the injection of caustic chemicals.

Dosatron International Inc.: (800) 523-8499, or visit www.dosatronusa.com


Sani-T-10 Plus, the newest addition to Spartan Chemical’s Food Sanitation program, is a fourth-generation quat-based, food contact sanitizer for use in food handling and process areas and federally inspected meat and poultry plants. It is ideal to sanitize filling equipment, food processing equipment. Sani-T-10 Plus has proven performance against a wide variety of organisms including Listeria monocytogenes, E-Coli 0157:H7 and in one minute, even in hard water.

Spartan Chemical Co. Inc.: (800) 537-8990, or visit www.spartanchemical.com

Data Loggers

Onset has broadened its offerings for energy and environmental monitoring by expanding the range of measurement options for its line of HOBO U12 data loggers. Specifically, multi-channel versions of HOBO U12 data loggers can now measure and record kilowatts, air velocity, gauge pressure, differential pressure, DC current and other energy and environmental parameters. A new, compact power adapter enables energy and building management professionals to power external sensors that require 12-volt A/C excitation power.

OnsetComputer Corp.: (800) 564-4377, or visit www.onsetcomp.com

Pressure Transmitters

Tel-Tru has expanded its Silicon Glass Fused Sensor Series of Pressure Transmitters. Intrinsically Safe instruments, specifically designed to operate safely in hazardous areas, are available. The Tel-Tru P612 and P622 are cCSAus Intrinsically Safe certified to Class I, Div. 1, Groups A, B, C, and D when used with approved zener barrier systems. Tel-Tru’s P600 Series features a single-piece 316L stainless steel sensing element with a high output silicon glass-fused strain gauge.

Tel-Tru Mfg. Co.: (800) 232-5335, or visit www.teltru.com


A&B Ingredients offers Swelite, a multifunctional, non-genetically modified pea ingredient containing both dietary fiber and starch. Well-suited for meats, poultry, fish & vegetarian products, as well as sauces and dressings, Swelite has a natural origin and is produced by a natural process. Swelite is an allergen and cholesterol free, label-friendly ingredient which is free from gluten and lactose. Derived from yellow peas without the use of organic solvents, Swelite provides excellent water-binding properties.

A&B Ingredients: (973) 227-1390, or visit www.abingredients.com


Intelligrated has launched the Alvey Robotic Retrofit Program for its family of Alvey in-line case palletizers. The program includes installation of one or more jointed-arm robots to create a hybrid palletizer that combines robotic flexibility and repeatability with the speed and reliability of conventional palletizer layer deposition. Benefits of the Alvey retrofits include gentler positioning and rotation of product and extended operational life, at a lower cost than a new robotic palletizing solution.

Intelligrated: (513) 881-5239, or visit www.intelligrated.com


ID Technology’s corner-wrap labeling system that does not require factory air. Instead, vacuum is created by an electric fan to hold the label in place prior to application. After the label is printed, it is held onto a pivoting vacuum grid attached to a follow along roller. This labeling module applies the label to the side and around the leading corner of a case or carton as the box travels along a conveyor.

ID Technology: (888) 438-3242, or visit www.idtechnology.com


Material Transportation Co.’s new SmartCooker substantially increases production by operating seamlessly. One of the cookers is always working while another discharges finished foods into the surge hopper. As soon as the finished food is discharged, the other can resume cooking. The result is a continuous flow of foods in increased volumes with improved consistency in taste and texture. To achieve the same output, this system also occupies considerably less floor space than conventional equipment.

Material Transportation Co.: (800) 433-3110, or visit www.mtcworldwide.com

Container Cleaning

PPi Technologies Group’s PPi KEN Container Cleaning System is a solution for environmentally friendly cleaning of containers. This green system offers up to 75 percent less water consumption, reduced detergent usage and lower power consumption per unit disinfected. The process is fully computer-controlled allowing remote computer access for diagnostic testing and repair. This process container and cleaning/disinfection system can handle containers up to 250 gallons in capacity.

PPi Technologies Group: (941) 359-6678, or visit www.ppitechnologies.com

Supplier News

Niroflex USA, a manufacturer of metal mesh gloves and apparel, announced that Niroflex gloves now come with a standard one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Gloves are warranted to perform under normal use and conditions in meat and poultry food processing operations. Niroflex2000 gloves are 100% stainless steel, with the patented Niroflex clip closure, replacing the traditional fabric strap wrist closing system.

JBT FoodTech is now providing parts and services for FMC and Allen Systems food handling equipment. Additional brands of conveyorized food handling equipment will be added in the future. To support this new aftermarket initiative, JBT FoodTech has established a special sales office staffed with industry professionals with nearly 100 years of combined experience in conveyor design, service, and aftermarket sales. To learn more about these and other JBT FoodTech parts and services, visit www.jbtfoodtech.com or call (800) 408-7788, and select option 7.

Newly Weds Foods Inc. has acquired UK-based food ingredients manufacturer and coating specialist Witwood Food Products Ltd. for an undisclosed sum. Witwoods is headquartered in Banbury, UK with additional manufacturing sites in Australia and Thailand servicing a customer base of more than 250 food processors and manufacturers. Newly Weds Foods President, Charles T. Angell, said, “Witwood Food Products is a highly regarded and well respected company in our industry. It has a reputation for delivering innovative food coating technologies and we see the potential in taking that technology to our customers around the world.”

Foran Spice Company Inc. announced that Paul J. Duddleston has been named vice president of sales of the Milwaukee-area company, which offers custom spice grinding, custom spice blends, and innovative spice product development. Duddleston’s history includes over 30 years serving the food industry.

Nelson-Jameson Inc. announces the release of the 2010-2011 edition of its Buyers Guide for the Food Industry. The new edition includes more than 40 additional pages of new products for the food industry including PolyCo VR aprons, the VersaClenz hand hygiene system, a new line of dust and wet mops, the Speed Pro bath and a new line of Woodland herbs & spices. The “How to Order” boxes, terminology, and other guides were expanded to help provide customers with a one-stop source to find the right product for their applications. To request a free copy of the guide, call (800) 826-8302 or visit www.nelsonjameson.com.

Shat-R-Shield has announced a partnership with Grissinger-Johnson Sales of Minneapolis, Minn. Grissinger-Johnson currently represents sales efforts for Shat-R-Shield in Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, and North and South Dakota. “We believe there is great potential for additional markets in the upper Midwest for our unique safety lighting products”, said George Mabin, vice president sales & marketing for Shat-R-Shield. “With their diverse experience, market knowledge, and record of success, we’re confident that Grissinger-Johnson is the perfect fit for our mutual sales goals.”