Vacuum Fillers

Handtmann Inc. has expanded its line of High Vacuum Fillers (HVF) with the launch of the HVF 658 and 660 Deli Series models, designed to reduce drying times, deliver higher net weights and provide pore-free cutting surfaces for dry and cooked sausage processors. They were developed specifically with client-driven design for dry and cooked sausage processors seeking both improved production efficiency and higher end product quality for their cooked salami, dry sausage, summer sausage, pepperoni and snack stick products. Both of the new stuffers manage vacuum control with power and accuracy, delivering high-quality cutting surfaces with excellent color.

Handtmann Inc.: (847) 808-1100, or visit

Light Coating

Shat-R-Shield provides clear conformal coatings for LED and printed circuit boards. Using specialized coating materials, Protect-R-Shield is a fully-automated, integrated application process that preserves the performance of precision electronic components. For the life of the product, the Protect-R-Shield conformal coating “protects and shields” critical electronic components from the harmful effects of environmental contaminants. By using a computer programmed and selective coating process, a crystal-clear, non-yellowing conformal coating (impervious to environmental contaminants) seals the printed circuit board and desired electronic components. Protection from abrasion, extreme temperatures, shock, and stress-relief are value-added benefits provided by Protect-R-Shield.

Shat-R-Shield: (800) 223-0853, or visit

Spice Sheets

Flavorseal Flavor Wraps Spice Transfer Sheets and Spice Transfer Casings have flavorings and spices adhered to individual transfer sheets or the inside of individual casings, eliminating manual spice application. Seasonings can be applied faster and more uniformly with less waste, reducing leakers, enhancing eye appeal, and maintaining a consistent taste with every bite. Sheets for bacon, portion cuts, and deli meats require less labor than traditional methods of seasoning application. They are simply placed on top of the meat or bacon during the manufacturing process. The moisture in the meat transfers the flavorings and spices from the sheets to the meat.

CMS: 866-769-1500, or visit

Temperature Logger

MadgeTech Inc. has released the CTL2000, a carcass temperature logger. The CTL2000 measures and records data from up to eight thermocouple channels allowing the user to verify and validate post-production meat sterilization cycles. It aids in reducing pathogens, and helps to ensure post-slaughter sterilization process parameters are met. The CTL2000 has a black anodized aluminum enclosure with a stainless steel hook allowing the device to be hung directly from a carcass. The splashproof logger can be used through the entire sterilization process. The thermocouples can be inserted into different sections of the meat to provide an overall temperature profile.

Madgetech Inc.: (603) 456-2011, or visit


Mettler Toledo has released the latest version of its laboratory software – LabX 2010. The new LabX 2010 release supports XP and XS Balances as well as the new line of density meters and refractometers from the company. Its One Click application solutions help users perform routine tasks with a single touch of the instrument dynamic display for fast, easy, and secure workflows. LabX 2010 securely manages the entire application including automatically performing all calculations, guiding users through the workflow, and report generation. It also has the capacity for secure data storage and data export/import–with full regulatory compliance if required.

Mettler Toledo: (614) 438-4511, or visit


Sealed Air’s Cryovac brand introduces an easy-open vacuum package for poultry, combining Grip & Tear technology with the shrink- and leak-resistant properties of Cryovac whole fresh poultry bags. The Cryovac Grip & Tear non-barrier bag’s knifeless design reduces contact with raw poultry and sharp objects. Consumers can simply pull on the easy-open rings to open the bag, exposing the entire bird and making removal easy. The durability and resistance to abrasion and puncture of the bag means reduced leakers at the retail level, while the bag’s skin-tight shrink and easy-open feature increase product merchandising appeal.

Sealed Air Corp.: (800) 845-3456, or visit


Cantrell offers the new NS-2004 Overhead Neck and Shoulder skinner. The skinner, located in-line after the cropper, uses the peeler roller system to remove skin from the neck and shoulder area of eviscerated birds. A newly designed frame for better roller support combined with a 2-hp drive creates a better skinning application. To further the advancement of the previous “neck only” skinner in the cleaning area, Cantrell has redesigned the water rail to create a broader, more evenly spaced, water spraying application. A new design at the exit end allows for better skin removal from the support blocks of the rollers.

Cantrell: (800) 922-1232, or visit

Metal Detectors

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. announced that the IP69K extreme washdown rating is now a standard feature for its entire line of Thermo Scientific APEX metal detectors. The rating gives APEX users added confidence by providing a dust-tight system that can be cleaned with water at temperatures up to 80ºC and 1450 pounds per square inch pressure. The IP69K rating has the greatest impact on customers working in wet environments, most often plants that process raw, unpackaged products. A five-year total water ingress warrantee is available. All APEX owners may also receive a certified IP69K test report upon request.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.: (800) 227-8891, or visit

Microbial Sampling System

MSI is the manufacturer of a wet-vacuum sampling device (the M-Vac) that has been demonstrated to be a robust alternative to the current gold-standard method of excision on beef trim and other meat surfaces, including beef trim. In addition to meat surfaces, the M-Vac has also shown sampling superiority over sponging and swabbing techniques on environmental and product surfaces. The M-Vac collects a representative microbial sample from any environmental surface. The USDA/FSIS has issued a Letter of No Objection to MSI for the use of its wet-vacuum microbial sampling system in USDA inspected facilities.

Microbial-Vac Systems Inc.: (801) 523-3962, or visit

Dock Sealer

Energy Guard from Kelley provides a superior perimeter seal along the sides and rear hinge of a dock leveler to block dirt, debris, insects and most importantly prevent energy loss. The patent pending design seals the gaps between the dock leveler and concrete pit walls up to 9 inches above dock level, superior to traditional weather seal and under-leveler seals attached to the front of the dock leveler. Energy Guard stops the air flow and thus stops heat and energy loss. It is factory-installed on new equipment so the need for field labor is eliminated.

Kelley: (877) 558-6960, or visit

Lidding Film

Packaging Personified has introduced its new heat sealable lidding film. This high-performance and cost-effective lidding material is available in a laminated film structure for use in multiple retail and institutional product applications. Applications include a variety of food and non-food products including cereals, snacks, noodles and soups.

Packaging Personified: (630) 653-1655, or visit


Birko Corp. is distributing HB2 from Enviro Tech, a new Hypobromous Acid chemistry for use as an antimicrobial on meat. Hypobromous acid generated from HB2 has been shown, in controlled lab tests, to reduce E. coli O157:H7 and other problem pathogens by as much as 99.959% in a one minute period and up to 99.999% over five minutes. It compares favorably in efficacy and cost with other antimicrobial interventions and received GRAS notification for use in USDA-inspected plants. This two-part liquid source of hypobromous acid can be mixed safely and efficiently inline to the application with Birko’s chemical delivery equipment.

Birko Corp.: (800) 525-0476, or visit


The Prince Industries Model 8 Grinder provides cooler cutting, minimum temperature rise and precision craftsmanship for superior quality. The meat or bone grinder can process more than 30,000 pounds per hour and is equipped with a spring-loaded knife holder containing self-seating and sharpening inserts, feed screws designed for fresh and tempered meat, reversible cutting plates and replaceable center bushings. The grinder design has eliminated center pin breakage since knife holders are rotated by the drive lugs that are built into the feed screw. The motor can be mounted underneath or on the side. The design also makes the hopper easy to clean.

Prince Industries Inc.: (800) 441-3303, or visit

Drive Components

Wire Belt Company of America’s genuine drive components are precision-machined to fit an exact belt and optimize belt performance. Generic drive components can cause unnecessary wear and tear on conveyor belts. Wire Belt’s sprockets and blanks are designed to increase belt life and save processors money. As a leader in stainless steel belt innovations for over 60 years, Wire Belt offers safe and hygienic solutions for conveying systems.

Wire Belt Company of America: (603) 644-2500, or visit

Supplier News

Skinner Systems Inc. has announced that as the company starts its 20th year of partnership with the Grasselli family, and in recognition of the success of this partnership, the company will now be known as Grasselli SSI. The decision reflects Grasselli SPA’s expansion and diversification from its original skinner product line into a major slicer manufacturer and further strengthens the brand recognition within the U.S. marketplace, the company says.

Wixon Inc. has introduced the Wixon Foodservice Group, a new division dedicated to serving the restaurant industry by incorporating food science and technology with the culinary artistry of its chefs. The new Wixon Foodservice Group will provide market and menu trends, innovative menu ideation and creation, and completely customized formulations for its customers. The division’s capabilities also include solutions to day-to-day concerns of pricing, turn-around time, and packaging. Wixon’s team of seasoned flavor chemists, meat scientists, technologists, and chefs examine the latest in culinary and industry trends and trade offerings to formulate the leading-edge in menu solutions. The Wixon Foodservice Group is led by Dean Antczak, director of national sales; Scott Cramer, foodservice product manager; and Judson McLester, corporate chef. A new foodservice-oriented micro Web site,, is designed to showcase the new division’s capabilities and provide personalized support to its customers. The Wixon Foodservice Group launch also includes new sales collateral, a product catalog, and a new logo and tagline, “From market trends to menu solutions.”

Cantrell has named Kurt Danzy as its sales representative for the Southeast. Danzy serves Cantrell clients in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina and Tennessee, assisting them with Cantrell’s line of poultry and food processing equipment. The veteran food processing equipment sales representative earned a bachelor’s degree in agricultural business from Arkansas Tech University. Danzy worked previously for two large food processing equipment companies before joining Cantrell.

To help food processors gain hands-on experience in a state-of-the-art setting, JBT FoodTech is offering several technical training programs at its Food Processing Technology and Training Center in Sandusky, Ohio over the next several months. The schedule includes the following sessions:

Basic Cooking Applications: July 13-15 and/or October 12-14

DSI Portioner Maintenance: May 4-6 and/or August 10-12

DSI Portioner Applications, May 25-27 and/or August 24-26

Basic Coating Applications, June 8-10 and/or September 14-16

Spiral Freezer PM (preventative maintenance), June 22-24 and/or September 28-3

For more details, including program content, session fees and registration information, contact Emilie Woodburn at JBT FoodTech in Sandusky at 419-626-0304 or e mail

Executives from Hormel Foods presented Multivac Inc. the Hormel Foods Spirit of Excellence award for 2009. This was the fifth consecutive year Multivac has received the distinction. In addition, Norm Winkel was honored with Hormel Foods’ Partner in Quality award in recognition of his achievements on behalf of the company throughout his Multivac career. Winkel retires from Multivac effective May 15 of this year. Multivac service technician Jeff Wood was also recognized with a Partner in Quality award for his dedicated service inside Hormel Foods’ facilities. Hormel Foods suppliers are given the Spirit of Excellence award each year in recognition of taking a proactive role in meeting or surpassing specific requirements established by the company’s supplier quality management committee. Eligible companies were selected based on delivery performance, product quality, customer service, administration and plant quality audits. Nominations were made throughout the year by the Hormel Foods purchasing, provisions, procurement, logistics and engineering departments.

Penford Food Ingredients Co. announced the appointment of industry veteran Michael Buttshaw as vice president, sales and marketing, a new position. Buttshaw reports to Penford President John Randall. Buttshaw has spent his career in the food and food ingredients industries. He joined Penford from DSM Food Specialties, where he was vice president, sales. Prior to DSM, he spent over 20 years at Hormel Foods, where he progressed through regional sales positions to national sales and marketing manager for the Specialty Products Division, a diverse portfolio of specialty ingredients.

Emerson Bearing, a Boston-based bearing company catering to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) markets throughout the U.S., has recently announced a new division to specifically cater to Packaging and Food Processing customers. Emerson Bearing’s customer care representatives in the new Packaging and Food Processing division are trained to accommodate the unique needs of clients in this industry. The division is led by Lee Holt, an industry solutions expert at Emerson Bearing. The company offers special solutions to packaging and food processing clients such as corrosion-resistant pillow blocks, available with triple lip seals. For high-load positions in filling plants, Emerson offers several slewing ring options such as four point contact bearings or crossed roller bearings. Other related products available through Emerson Bearing include: ball bearings, stainless steel mounted units, roller chains, V belts, linear motion, adhesives and sealants, Cam followers, rod ends, thrust bearings, control bearings and needle roller bearings.