Metal Detection
The new Sanicon high-performance metal detection system is manufactured by S+S Inspection for goods-in, in-process and end of line applications. Units with standard size aperture are available for quick delivery. The open aperture and easy disassembly design with no harborage areas facilitate wash through ensuring maximum hygiene with minimum loss of production time. An advanced detection coil technology using multi-frequency, two-channel techniques achieves the best sensitivity to all types of metals.

S+S Inspection Inc.: (716) 297-1922,or visit

With the introduction of its new PowerMax3000 Slicing System, Formax brings mid-sized processors the same high levels of food safety and performance that have uniquely characterized its larger PowerMax4000 in facilities throughout the world. The PowerMax3000 promises best-in-class performance, hygienic operation and weight/portion control starting with its generous 15-inch wide slicing throat and options for up to three independent product drives. Formax’s revolutionary laser scanning system creates an open hygienic environment by minimizing mechanical guards.

Provisur Technologies/Formax.: (708) 479-3500,or visit

AZZ/RAL Rig-A-Lite has expanded its RFL/MFL series of lighting fixtures. The addition to the company’s hazardous-location product line will be available with T5HO lamps, in addition to the current T12 and T8 options. It is available in 1 x 4, 2 x 2 and 2 x 4 sizes with up to six lamps. The RFL/MFL series of fixtures are used extensively in the oil and gas industry, industrial manufacturing, marine construction and food processing.

AZZ/RAL Rig-A-Lite: (713) 943-0340, or visit

Siemens Industry expanded its 1FK7 servomotor family with the introduction of a new high-inertia style. The higher rotor inertia makes the control response of the new 1FK7-HI servomotors highly robust and suitable for high- and variable-load inertia applications, including the feed and auxiliary axes on machine tools, as well as winders and unwinders on converting, packaging and printing equipment. A mechanical decoupler between the motor and encoder shaft protects the encoder from mechanical vibrations.

Siemens Industry Inc.:(770) 751-4959, or visit

Compressor Fluids
Petro-Canada today announced dramatic enhancements to its line of Purity FG Compressor Fluids. A leap in the level of oxidative resistance is provided with the inclusion of new FG additive technology, helping the product yield a much higher level of performance. The fluid with its strong oxidation stability can be used in more severe applications, hotter conditions, more difficult environments, as well as in more oxidatively stressful operations.

Petro-Canada:(866) 335-3369, or visit

Ice Bagging System
Kold-Draft, a manufacturer of high-quality, high-performance ice machines, has introduced the new in-store ISB Ice Bagging System. The revolutionary system allows convenience stores, grocers, warehouse clubs, theme parks and more to make, bag, and merchandise store-branded ice all in one machine, creating a “custom ice plant” that becomes a new profit center. The ISB Ice Bagging System consists of three stacked components: a Kold-Draft ice maker, an ISB automatic bagger, and a merchandiser case.

Kold-Draft: (800) 840-9577, or visit

Conveyor Belts
Ashworth is introducing eye-link belting, long favored by European processors. Ashworth’s Eye-Link belts are lightweight, positively driven, straight-running conveyor belts that feature an inherently strong design that naturally tracks straight. Eye-links make up the flat, even surface for smooth product conveyance, and the overall construction provides a rigid structure that resists side-to-side deflection while enabling the belt to handle thousands of pounds of tension. The belts are positively-driven by rollers, sprockets or a chain edge.

Ashworth Bros. Inc.: (800) 682-4594,or visit

Wire Belt’s newest conveyor belt CompactGrid is hygienically designed to protect products, especially from deadly pathogens. USDA-accepted CompactGrid is made of stainless steel with 70 percent open area, so there is no place for harmful contaminants to hide. CompactGrid is specifically designed to replace hard-to-clean plastic modular belts. Wire Belt’s entire line of Flat-Flex belting products and CompactGrid are accepted by the USDA NSF/ANSI/3-A hygiene standards.

Wire Belt Co.: (603) 644-2500, or visit

Information That Matters (ITM) is an information notification and management platform developed by Heat and Control to improve overall equipment effectiveness in food processing plants. ITM shows manufacturing line performance and gives users the tools to make immediate improvements. This enables personnel in operations, production supervision and maintenance to address manufacturing and quality control issues without delay. ITM also delivers key performance indicators and fault notification measures.

Heat and Control Inc.:(800) 227-5980, or visit

Harpak Inc. and ULMA Packaging Systems Inc. have completed a merger between the two companies. The company will have a new name going forward: Harpak-ULMA Packaging LLC. Harpak President Linda Harlfinger stated, “We are very excited to realize the opportunity this combined enterprise presents. Harpak has focused on integrated custom packaging solutions. ULMA brings with it the opportunity to offer customers more options as to the form of primary packaging. The advantage for both companies’ customers is that while Harpak has invested significantly in tray sealing, filling and secondary packaging, ULMA has made significant investment in flow wrapping, form/fill/seal, and shrink wrap and vertical sealers. The combination of these assets and capabilities will allow the merged company to offer our customers a wider range of fully integrated packaging solutions.”

Carolina Ingredients announced it has been awarded LEED Silver by the U.S Green Building Council (USGBG). Carolina Ingredients is the first industrial food producers in the U.S. to occupy a LEED–certified manufacturing facility and one of the first seasoning manufacturers in the country to use solar energy as an alternative energy source in production. The most notable aspect of the $5 million facility is the 156-unit photovoltaic solar panel array, expected to reduce the business’s carbon footprint by 23 tons of carbon dioxide annually. “Carolina Ingredients wants to be an environmentally friendly manufacturer and be attractive to environmentally sensitive food production partners,” says Dough Meyer-Cuno, president of the business. “We believe our sustainability efforts are unique in our industry.”

Jeff Williams

Onset, a leading supplier of data loggers, announced the availability of an informative resources CD offering hands-on tips on applying data loggers in building performance monitoring applications. The CD includes white papers, webinars and podcast interviews discussing how portable data loggers can streamline energy efficiency projects to yield optimum building energy performance. To request a free copy, please visit

To provide greater efficiency in customer service, Stellar, a construction, design, engineering and mechanical services firm, has expanded its existing Refrigeration division to include the company’s Maintenance, Parts and Operations and Automation Services divisions. The combined units will be known as Stellar Refrigeration Services and will be led by divisional vice president, Jeff Williams. Williams has been with Stellar for 23 years and has more than 35 years of experience in the refrigeration industry.

Industry News

The Meat Industry Hall of Fame has announced its inductees for the class of 2010. Twelve new members were chosen from a list of over 50 nominees by the Hall’s Board of Trustees and inductees from last year’s inaugural class. The Induction Ceremony for the new Meat Industry Hall Of Fame Members will be on Oct. 30, 2010 at the Fairmont Scottsdale in Scottsdale, Arizona. “We are delighted to include twelve of the legendary names in our industry this year,” said Dan Murphy, executive director and co-founder of the Hall of Fame. “These are people who are rightfully credited with fostering much of the profound change, remarkable progress and success of our North American meat industry. We’re proud to celebrate their legacies.”

The inductees of the Hall of Fame are:

• Richard Bond, CEO, President andDirector, Tyson Foods Inc.
• Ralph Cator, Founder, Cardinal Meat Specialists Limited
• William D. Farr, Farr Feeders (deceased)
• Joel Johnson, Chairman, President& CEO, Hormel Foods Corporation
• H. Kenneth Johnson, Vice President - Meat Science, National Live Stock & Meat Board
• Ray Kroc, Founder & Chairman,McDonald’s Corporation (deceased)
• Dr. Roger Mandigo, Professor, Animal Science Department, University ofNebraska
• Robert E. Rust, Professor Emeritus,Animal Science, Iowa State University
• Col. Harland Sanders, Founder,Kentucky Fried Chicken (deceased)
• Dr. Jeff W. Savell, Regents Professor and E.M. “Manny” Rosenthal Chairholder in Animal Science, Texas A&M University
• Deven Scott, Vice President - Member Services, American Meat Institute;Executive Vice President, North American Meat Processors Association
• Dave Thomas, Founder, CEO,Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers (deceased)

The new Dynamic Fuels plant that will produce high quality renewable fuels from animal fats and greases is mechanically complete, and work is now underway to prepare for the start of operations, company officials reported today. The prime contractor on the project in Geismar, La., achieved mechanical completion on July 9th and turned the entire plant over to Dynamic Fuels LLC, a joint venture of Tyson Foods and Syntroleum Corp. The facility is designed to convert fats, greases and oils supplied by Tyson Foods into as much as 75 million gallons of renewable fuels per year. The company expects to begin making fuel and ramping up production rates during the third quarter of 2010. “We’re pleased with customer interest in our fuel and the sales arrangements we’ve made so far,” according to Bob Ames, vice president of Renewable Energy for Tyson Foods. “We’re anxious to begin producing and selling our renewable fuel products.”