Data Management

Meyn now offers the Meyn Report Manager, which gathers information from the line control systems, stores the information into a database and publishes the information in a convenient report. The reports will facilitate in optimally managing production processes and in maximizing profits by sending the right products to the right stations. It is a very powerful and flexible reporting tool, providing a wide variety of standardized reports such as: destination results, batch results, product results, flock results and line overview. Furthermore, the Report Manager also has the option to easily customize standard reports or build own reports based on the customers’ wishes and needs. It is offered as a complete solution comprising all required hardware, software and database applications, delivered fully configured and tested.

Meyn America LLC: (770) 967-0532, or visit


Bettcher Industries offers a new Mach3 power unit for its line of AirMax trimmers, providing additional speed and power for enhanced performance throughout the entire operating range. AirMax Mach3 trimmers cut faster and require less effort for every application load. They trim much easier when compared to conventional pneumatic trimmers, with enhanced power. Applications such as defatting hams and defatting pork loins are easier, less challenging and less fatiguing to undertake. The design of the new Mach3 power unit converts more of the air motor’s rotational movement directly into blade movement, thereby increasing blade speed and meat cutting effectiveness. Blade speed performance increases even more as the tool is used in more heavy-duty, demanding applications like ham, pork loin and beef strips defatting.

Bettcher Industries: (440) 965-4422, or visit

Floor Cleaner

Industrial Pathmaker is a low-foam industrial strength cleaner designed for automatic floor machines. The formulation’s new surfactant package and low-foam capabilities allow for fast fill rate and superior cleaning performance. Industrial Pathmaker combines an industrial strength cleaner and defoaming product in one. The new surfactant package contains no butyl, solvents or abrasives. It is non-flammable, non corrosive and contains a citrus floral fragrance. The product features a silicone free formulation, which will not negatively affect adhesive capabilities. Industrial Pathmaker will not harm rubber tires or squeegee blades on automatic floor machines. Users can clean heavy soils on floors, walls, woodwork, marble, plastic, metal or any washable surface not harmed by water.

Spartan Chemical Co.: 800-537-8990, or visit

High-Pressure Processing

Avure Technologies’ new horizontal High Pressure Processing (HPP) system makes advanced food safety technology more affordable for small and mid-range processors. It also enables them to respond to growing consumer preferences for fresher, preservative-free, and reduced-sodium foods. With a sub-$1 million price tag that parallels its smaller footprint, Avure’s new 100-Liter system brings the multiple benefits of HPP technology to a much broader swath of processors and comes with no sacrifice in throughput. In many installations, HPP serves as a process enhancement, for example, tenderizing and marinating raw meat or fish products after packaging as part of the safety and shelf-life extension step. It also performs the shucking function on seafood lines. The HPP-enabled longer shelf-life creates countless new product opportunities.

Avure Technologies: (253) 981-6350, or visit


Sealed Air’s Cryovac Food Solutions introduces a breathable, high-abuse shrink lidding film that is fully co-extruded, multi-layered and heat-sealable. Suited for permeable tray lidding applications, the new Cryovac PermeLid film is perfect for packaging fresh poultry or frozen applications where retail-grade anti-fog performance is paramount. Its special shrink properties result in a tight, wrinkle-free pack. High-gloss and anti-fog properties accentuate trap-printed graphics and ensure a natural presentation with complete product visibility. The film is designed to run on standard tray/lid equipment, and its heat-sealing performance produces packs with airtight and leak-proof seals around the lip of the tray. Its abuse resistance allows safe consumer handling, while its light gauge contributes to environmental impact reduction.

Sealed Air Corp.: (800) 845-3456 or visit

Safety Apparel

Niroflex USA, a manufacturer of metal mesh gloves and apparel, has announced its products have been added to the accepted product list of the USDA Meat and Poultry Equipment Review Program. Being listed means that the USDA confirms that Niroflex products meet or exceed ANSI/NSF/3-A 14159-2-2003, Hygiene Requirements for the Design of Hand Held Tools Used in Meat and Poultry Processing. Niroflex2000 gloves are 100% stainless steel, replacing the traditional fabric strap wrist closing system with the patented Niroflex clip closure. In addition to Niroflex2000 metal mesh gloves, Niroflex also offers a series of metal mesh aprons and garments with no fabric straps. All of the straps and hardware are constructed of USDA accepted materials.

Niroflex USA: (847) 400-2638, or visit

Belt Washer

Douglas Machines Corp. has expanded its line of Cyclone Belt Washers to include a new model specifically designed for flat top, table top and slat top belt applications. The C-LH Linear Spray Head with speed and pressure adjustment, sweeps back and forth across the belt to clean with minimal down time and water usage. The unit comes complete with a portable cart that allows plant workers to quickly move from one belt to another.

Douglas Machines Corp.: (800) 331-6870, or visit


Air Products’ offers its Freshline DM tunnel freezer. This highly flexible cryogenic freezing solution allows manufacturers to process both individually quick frozen (IQF) and flat or trayed products in a single machine. Air Products’ Freshline DM tunnel freezer is a two-in-one solution for food manufacturers who want to grow their product lines by processing both IQF and non-IQF products with minimal capital investment. The DM has a compact, modular configuration and a patent-pending innovative design that makes it easy to clean, saving both downtime and labor costs. Coupled with ultra-quick-freezing liquid nitrogen, which provides rapid and consistent cooling, the DM helps preserve product with low dehydration and achieve high quality IQF results.

Air Products: (610) 481-4911, or visit


Shat-R-Shield, a manufacturer of shatter-resistant lamps, recently added T5 High-Output and High Intensity Discharge lamps to its Shat-R-Shield brand of safety-coated lighting products. The new T5HO fluorescent and HID lamps offer quality, economy and choice, within the trusted and expanding Shat-R-Shield brand. The T5HO 54-watt fluorescent (800 Series) lamps offer extreme output of 5000 lumens in a slim-profile lamp that is a sustainable lighting solution. They feature low mercury and are TLCP compliant, both of which reduce impact on the environment. With a rated-life of 30,000 hours, these long-life lamps offer reduced maintenance and recycling costs by extending the relamping cycle.

Shat-R-Shield: (704) 633-2100, or visit

Towel Dispenser

Georgia-Pacific Professional is expanding its enMotion product line with the new enMotion Water-Resistant Dispenser. This touchless dispensing system offers tailored benefits for food processors that utilize high-pressure wash down cleaning procedures. The dispenser is engineered to remain mounted on the wall while pressurized water spray is used to sanitize walls, ceilings, floors and processing equipment. Rubber seals and a closeable hatch on the dispenser help protect the enMotion towels from moisture and contamination during routine cleaning procedures. Employee compliance with food safety protocols can be positively impacted as workers with contaminated hands reduce bacteria transfer through utilizing the touchless dispenser. One-at-a-time dispensing helps control towel use, and controlled towel lengths allow facilities to maintain sustainable washroom practices and minimize waste accumulation up to 30 percent.

Georgia-Pacific Professional: (866) 435-5647, or visit


Alchemy Systems, has announced the release of the newest version of its revolutionary SISTEM training platform. By incorporating enhancements based primarily on feedback from Alchemy’s existing customers, SISTEM 4.0 further simplifies the day-to-day tasks associated with delivering and documenting training for production workers in the food industry and government workforce boards across North America. By incorporating individual hand-held remotes, interactive courseware in English and Spanish, and an advanced learning management system, SISTEM provides Alchemy customers with all of the tools they need in order to implement an effective training program. More than 70 courses are available, including Ammonia: Accident Prevention and First Aid; Hazardous Atmospheres; Machine Guarding; Confined Spaces; Lean Manufacturing; Food Safety Standards; Back Injury Prevention; Basic First Aid; and Forklift Safety.

Alchemy Systems: visit (512) 637-5100, or

Industry News

Silliker, a leader in the health nutrition and food safety and quality services and part of Institut Mérieux, announced the grand opening of a new state-of-the-art nutritional chemistry and food safety laboratory at Mhape, Navi Mumbai, India on January 1, 2010. The new laboratory will support the growing demand of clients in the region across a wide range of testing and technical services. With 22,000 square feet, it has dedicated state-of-the-art chemical, microbiology, instrumentation and sensory evaluation laboratories supported by a trained team of qualified technical personnel. “This new investment reflects our strategic ambition to expand our services to meet client demands locally and internationally while delivering the high level quality service Silliker is recognized for worldwide,” said Philippe Sans, CEO of Silliker Group Corp.

Beef processors, service labs and other food industries can now use a new test from DuPont Qualicon to quickly and accurately check beef and produce for contamination with E. coli O157:H7. Developed in collaboration with the USDA Agricultural Research Service, this BAX System assay uses real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology to quickly detect all known E. coli O157:H7, even atypical strains that can be missed by some other tests. The BAX System real-time assay was validated on industry standard sizes of ground beef, beef trim, lettuce and spinach that were spiked at 1-2 cells per portion, and it was found to perform as well or better than the reference culture methods. Dr. Frank Burns, senior scientist at DuPont Qualicon, noted E. coli O157:H7 is a highly complex and variable organism that can be challenging to detect at low levels. “This new BAX® System assay is an extremely accurate and robust molecular method. Its rapid reaction time allows for quick test completion, which is essential for customers who hold perishable products while waiting for test results before shipping.”

Cantrell, a poultry processing equipment sales and service company based in Gainesville, Ga., has named Rusty Reese as chief operations officer. Reese, who has 24 years of experience in the poultry industry including 17 with Cantrell, manages all areas of production including both fabrication and machine shops. He oversees inventory control, purchasing and basic ground maintenance. Reese began his career with Cantrell in 1985 as a purchasing agent and served in that capacity for 14 years. He spent seven years as a purchasing agent and parts sales manager for another poultry equipment company before returning to Cantrell in 2006 as purchasing agent.

Food Safety Validation LLC (FSV) debuted an innovative package of subscription-based services and support for all meat, poultry and food processors. FSV subscribers can communicate with well-known and respected industry experts for advice and guidance on necessary refinements to their food safety management system. They can access a robust online portal of food safety, scientific and regulatory information, and employee training modules and research studies. “Many companies don’t have, can’t afford or can’t find the highly skilled food safety personnel they absolutely need in this economic and regulatory environment,” said Lee Cantley, FSV managing member and director of sales & marketing. “That is the premise under which FSV created a business model that combines guidance by some of the top talent in the food safety industry with a package of high-tech tools that will streamline data collection and retrieval and facilitate online interactions and exchange of information with our subscribers.”

Food and beverage ingredient company, Wixon Inc., announced an expansion of services with its Protein Group Division, offering protein expertise for both retail and foodservice. Working within Wixon’s new meat and poultry pilot plant, the Protein Group Division is staffed by meat scientists, flavor chemists, food technologists, and analytical and quality experts. The plant offers all the benefits of full-service plant production but on a smaller economic scale. State-of-the-art features, which enable production of finished products for immediate testing, include tumblers, automated injector system, grinders, stuffers, patty makers, steam kettle, vacuum packaging, retail tray overwrap unit, breading and batter capabilities, walk-in freezers/coolers, chilled processing room, smokehouse, and linear cook capabilities. An in-house regulatory department counsels on appropriate adherence from label requirements to nutritional content.

Nikken Foods USA Inc., a manufacturer of natural savory flavors and soy powders, promoted Koichi Sato to president. Prior to joining Nikken Foods Co. Ltd. Tokyo Japan, Sato worked in management positions in the Japanese electronics and film industries. After joining Nikken Foods, Sato participated in the company’s extensive management training course focusing on production, quality control, research and development, and marketing and sales. Upon completion of his training, Sato and his family relocated from Japan to St. Louis, Missouri, USA, where Sato is now president of Nikken Foods USA Inc.

Association News

National Meat Association (NMA) and National Grocers Association (NGA) announced they will co-locate the NMA MEATXPO Suppliers’ Exposition and Annual Convention with the N.G.A. Annual Convention and Supermarket Synergy Showcase in Las Vegas, Nevada next February 13-16, 2011 at the Mirage Resort and Casino. “We are excited for the opportunity to co-locate with the National Grocers Association in February 2011. National Meat Association strives to provide its members opportunities to open doors and exercise options to make connections important to the success and continuance of their businesses. In today’s upswing of the economy we look forward to effective working relationships with affiliate organizations and we are pleased to begin this venture with the outstanding group at N.G.A.,” NMA CEO Barry Carpenter said.