Forming Innovative Technologies’ FT40 forming machine — incorporating patented technologies including shutter plate, infinitely variable stroke adjustment, and program
Food-safety interventions
A Petrifilm Plate Reader by 3M Microbiology offers consistent and automated reading of common Petrifilm Plates with recorded results in 4 seconds. The 3M reader is designed to increase productivity, reduce costs, and eliminate variations between lab techs. Automatic computer storage of results and an unchangeable log file save time while eliminating transcription errors and improving audit compliance. 3M Microbiology, phone (651) 733-1213, fax (651)737-1994, e-mail, or visit
Colorado-based Meritech Inc.’s ProTech solution, the latest addition to its CleanTech® automated handwashing systems, is designed for washing hands and sanitizing boots on a continuous walk-thru basis while handling high-volume traffic at a rate of 20 employees per minute. The unit carries a single-unit price of $8,499. Meritech Inc., phone (800) 932-7707, e-mail, or visit
pause — is designed for increased productivity and reduced costs. The closed loop servo-machine is capable of 90 strokes per minute of 40-inch wide formed product. — Forming Innovative Technologies, LLC, contact Philip Powel, president and chief executive officer, at (888) 683-2003

KVP’s new 1.2-inch pitch Spiral Pro® belt teams with its previously introduced 2-inch belt to complete its most advanced modular plastic spiral belt line. The new belt offers small product support and close transfer capabilities. The belt is built to handle a tight inside turn radius, and adjustable with KVP radius expansion plugs designed to eliminate chattering and sloppy belt performance. In addition to providing a SNAP team member on site to oversee new spiral installations or retrofits, KVP’s written guarantee assures proper operation of its new and retrofitted systems.

KVP, phone (800) 445-7898, or visit

The Mepaco Model 105 Auger feed Pumping system is designed to gently transfer product from a pregrinder discharge to primary mixer blenders through sanitary tubing thereby minimizing exposure to the atmosphere while reducing points for possible contamination. This enclosed system is an ideal replacement for existing open belt or screw conveyor systems that are difficult to clean and keep clean. The system, using variable speed auger and pump drive controls for targeted capacity control, is available as a single or dual auger feed in a love profile hopper with optional leveling ribbon or breaker assembly. Both hopper and pumping system are mounted on a heavy tubular base frame with adjustable sanitary feet and casters. A removable product pressure tube and transition with pressure gauge connects the hopper to the discharge pump.

— Mepaco,phone (920) 887-3721,
fax (920) 887-6611, or e-mail

Jarvis Products Corp. recently introduced Model SPC 165G pneumatic and Model SHC 165G hydraulic tools incorporating its latest patented technology for spinal cord removal and spinal cord channel grinding. Targeting BSE-risk material, including spinal cord, sheath, missplit and the meninges (spinal cord skin), the system is designed to minimize the amount of central nervous system tissue left in the channel. The SPC works on air pressure alone and is durable and lightweight at 7.5 pounds (3.4 kg). The SHC features a powerful 2.5-hoursepower (1.9 kW) motor, and operates with a hydraulic power unit. Both tools come with balancer connections, and are connected to vacuum systems for tank collection and disposal of removed material.

— Jarvis Products Corp., contact Vicent Volpe at (860) 347-7271,
by fax at (860) 347-9905, or visit

Multivac relays that only its chamber machines come equipped with a self-diagnostic tool that provides the ideal solution for minor maintenance fixes. This built-in, one-of-a-kind technology acts as the machine’s “eyes and ears,” enabling operators to troubleshoot a wide-range of symptoms occurring on any Multivac chamber packaging solution. With this self-diagnostic feature, the need to enlist technical support is drastically minimized, and production efficiency is improved.

— Multivac Inc., e-mail or phone (800) 800-8552

The MEPACO 420V is the New Generation in full vacuum stuffers. It operates under full vacuum while gently agitating product in a closed vacuum chamber to produce more consistent, easier - to - slice products devoid of air pockets. It features true full-vacuum stuffing — others use vacuum merely to help draw product into the pump, the company relays. Full vacuum stuffing results in products that have improved color, longer shelf – life and a more dense, uniform appearance.

—Mepaco, phone (920) 887-3721,
fax (920) 887-6611, or e-mail


Fresh-Lock®Zipper’s new line of retort packaging featuring polypropylene zippers is designed for high-temperature applications while generally being able to resist the high temperatures demanded by the retort process. Available for both bottom-fill and top-fill pouch applications, they can be use in stand-up pouch or three-side-seal designs. The zippers are designed for use in wet, moist, or dry applications and can be modified to meet specific requirement of product and package designs. Retort packaging promotes improved flavor, reduced storage space, and longer shelf life. With a high surface-to-volume ratio, heat penetrates quickly. Other benefits include retort time reduction of 30 percent to 50 percent, resulting in better tasting, more nutritious food, energy savings, and shipping cost reductions.

— Fresh-Lock®Zipper, phone (800) 265-0750,
e-mail, or visit

Rollstock Inc.’s new RA-200 Advantage Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine comes with a special introductory price of $59,000 suitable for entry-level packaging applications. The machine features matched forming and sealing die tooling, one flying cross cut knife system, a vacuum pump with disconnects, a built-in trim removal system, and full PLC control. A 12-month or 1-million cycle warranty is available along with start-up training.

—Rollstock Inc.,
phone (800) 314-2152 or visit


The BAX® system, a genetics-based diagnostic tool from DuPont Qualicon has been adopted by AOAC International as an Official MethodSM for detecting Listeria monocytogenes in food. This follows a similar action in July 2003, when AOAC approved the BAX® system as an Official MethodSM for detecting Salmonella. AOAC International is a worldwide provider and facilitator in the development, use, and harmonization of validated analytical methods.

— Dupont Qualicon,
(800) 683-6842, or fax (302) 695-5301.

DeltaTRAK Inc. introduces its new Min/Max Alarm Digital Thermometer. This compact unit is packed with features such as high/low temperature alarm setting, ability to switch between an internal or external sensor, and a min/max memory function in which the lowest and highest readings are stored for instant recall. The external sensor is in a .875 in./17.8 mm stainless steel probe on a 10 ft./3 m cable, and has a temperature reading range of –58°F to 158°F/ -50°C to 70°C. The internal environmental sensor has a temperature range of 14°F to 122°F/ -10° to 50°C. It can be wall-mounted or stand alone on its foldout stand.

— DeltaTRAK Inc., phone (800) 962-6776,
e-mail, or log on to


RefrigiWear, the leading manufacturer of insulated industrial work wear, accessories, and equipment, introduces its 2004 RefrigiWear 50th Anniversary Catalog. This new catalog features robust product line, complete with “head-to-toe” clothing, accessories, and equipment to protect workers and perishables in a full range of temperature conditions.

—RefrigiWear Inc., phone (800) 645-3744,
fax (706) 864-5898, or log on to

Weigh Systems Service introduces its new Rapid-Response Customer Care service program, which is designed to dramatically improve yields and plant up time in meat and poultry processing plants. The Rapid-Response Customer Care program is custom-structured to fit the precise needs of individual processing plants, enabling processors to optimize the allocation of their maintenance budget and resources. Among the key provisions of the service are regular inspections for proper equipment operation, alignment and calibration, as well as identifying parts or assemblies that are out of alignment, improperly sealed, or nearing the end of their service life.

—Weigh Systems Service, phone Sepp Egger at  (800) 467-2828.

The Douglas Direct Load Tray Packer utilizes patent pending pinless metering technology to increase line speed and efficiency. Unique pinless technology smoothly and rapidly transfers glass jars, PET bottles, and cans from the infeed to the metering section without the use of metal pins. Pinless metering also provides for a considerably quieter plant environment while metering glass jars. Speed capabilities run up to 70 trays per minute on a single layer 6-pack and double tier 12-pack.

— Douglas Machine Inc., phone (320)763.6587,
or log on to

New nylon bushings from Dapec significantly increase shackle life and decrease maintenance time. With Dapec’s new nylon bushings, processors can go a year or more without having to change the bushings. This is a substantial improvement when compared to brass bushings that must be changed every three months, the company relays. Brass bushings also have a tendency to wear down the shackle stem. The nylon bushings give more rigidity to the shackle, making it less likely to bend. Another benefit of the nylon bushings is that they are less likely to deteriorate.

— Dapec, phone (800) 346-2177,
or log on to

Dickson introduces its Midsize Display Temperature and Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers with Alarms and SD Flash Memory Cards to its current line of instrumentation. These new loggers are available in temperature, model SM300, remote temperature, model SM320, dual remote temperature, SM325, temperature and humidity, model TM320, and remote temperature and humidity, model TM325. These loggers additionally feature 1- second sampling, data storage of 32,000 sample points, and high accuracy of ±1.8°F for temperature and ±2 percent for relative humidity.

—Dickson Co., phone Kathy Keller at (800) 323-2448 or (630) 543-3747,
fax (800) 676-0498 or 630-543-0498,
e-mail, or log on to