Better-for-you Breading

The Solae Company’s new patent-pending coating solutions for low-carbohydrate foods let consumers enjoy great-tasting breaded products without the guilt.

For those consumers counting carbohydrates, The Solae Company, St. Louis, MO, has developed zero or very low non-dietary fiber, low-carbohydrate coating systems for such products as breaded chicken nuggets, strips, bone-in chicken, country fried steaks, seafood, mozzarella cheese sticks, and vegetables.
“Carbohydrate-conscious consumers are looking for ways to enjoy breaded entrées without the carbohydrate load normally associated with such coating systems,” explains Matt McMindes, global director applied technology, The Solae Company, an alliance between DuPont and Bunge Limited to bring more great tasting, nutritious soy-foods to the marketplace. “The Solae Company offers a brand new high-protein solution, from pre-duster to clear coat, which fills the market void created by the new carb-aware consumer in search of options.”
The Solae Company reports, in fact, that an estimated 59 million Americans are “cutting back on carbs,” including 42 million who are “trimming” their carbohydrate intake, and 17 million who are following a specific low-carbohydrate diet. “This dynamic trend, coupled with increasing obesity rates and concerns, points to a growing market opportunity for great-tasting, healthful, lower carbohydrate, higher protein foods and beverages,” the company’s Web site attests.
The Solae Company’s new soy protein-based breading solution is comprised of four pre-mix elements including pre-duster, batter, breading, and clear coating, and allows breading or food manufacturers to add their own special seasoning recipes to deliver complete solutions to their customers. Both “crunchy” and traditional “flour-type” breading options are available.
Among other benefits, The Solae Company’s breading solution contains no gluten or wheat derivatives, which offers certain labeling advantages. The high protein content promotes a more controlled browning during frying and oven cooking. In addition, dietary fiber represents more than 90 percent of the carbohydrates per serving, further enhancing the carbohydrate profile.
The breading solution also may provide multiple cook stability because protein functional characteristics upon first cook and second cook are superior to many starch and carbohydrate ingredients due to starch gelatinization upon first cooking. Moreover, The Solae Company’s formula provides maximum breading coverage with minimum pick-up as coverage is improved with high-protein coating crispness and crumb adhesion.
“The chief product characteristics are excellent texture, good appearance, and clean flavor,” adds Al Gallegos, business development & marketing director. “Consumers can enjoy the excellent taste, while consuming a breading/coating that is very low in carbs. The big challenge will be aligning with the right partners who are looking to position great tasting, better-for-you breaded products to mainstream consumers.”
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