Already well-established in European grocers and delicatessens, Creta Farms is introducing a line of sausages that deliver better-for-you sausage without the "better for you" taste.

"A tailgating favorite this time of year, our new line of sausages are truly a game changer," said Tim Roush, CEO of Creta Farms. "Americans will now have a healthy game-time food option that is lower in saturated fat and cholesterol, and high on taste. Our sausages are a great option for consumers looking for the robust flavor they expect from sausages, with up to less than half the saturated fat."

Available in three varieties, including Beef Smoked, Smoked and Cheese Smoked, Creta Farms Sausages are made with the finest ingredients, including selected cuts of pork and beef and cheddar. By removing a portion of the animal fat and replacing it with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), Creta Farms Sausages have up to 24 percent fewer calories and up to 53 percent less saturated fat than similar products.

"Saturated fat is found primarily in meats, butter, cream, ice cream and other foods containing animal fat. Saturated fat in the diet raises bad cholesterol in the blood," said Katie Clark, MPH, RD, CDE and Creta Farms spokeswoman. "By removing a portion of the animal fat and replacing it with EVOO, Creta Farms Sausages are a better-for-you option for consumers who still want to enjoy a game day favorite without sacrificing flavor or health.”

Creta Farms is also soon to launch a line of hot dogs and bologna in the U.S., which have been certified by the American Heart Association (AHA). Creta Farms hot dogs are the first-ever to be certified by the AHA. Products displaying the heart-check mark meet AHA food criteria for saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium for healthy people over age two.

Source: Creta Farms