Former---- Free four-page, full-color literature is available on NuTEC Mfg.’s 745 Food Forming Machine. A completely hydraulic, microprocessor controlled, multi-outlet forming machine, the 745 combines accurate weight control, minimum leakage, and quick changeovers with mobility. Its portable design allows the machine to be easily transported to wash-down departments or other areas in the plant. The brochure includes a step-by-step description of the 745’s features and benefits, along with product specifications, electrical specifications, and an engineering drawing.
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Quickly and accurately weigh fresh meat, poultry, and other moist, sticky products using the Ishida SF-series multihead weigher from Heat and Control. Double screw feeders keep product moving through the radial feeders. Plastic hoppers with scraper gates are available to prevent product sticking and build-up. The weigher is rated for IP65 washdown, and all product contact parts can be removed without using tools and sanitized using high-temperature cleaners.

Heat and Control Inc.: 
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Conveyor Belts

Ashworth Bros. introduces a ¾-inch and 1½-inch pitch Omni-Pro link to complete the Omni-Pro line of spiral/turn-curve conveyor belts. Both Omni-Pro 075 and Omni-Pro 150HD retain the same design features that allow the belt to minimize cage bar wear, maintenance costs and downtime in the most demanding high-tension spiral applications. The increased strength of the Omni-Pro comes from the 360° buttonless welds utilizing a “zero tension” design which allows a higher load bearing capacity.

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Cook/Chill Equipment

The Odenberg Pallet-Link system, available exclusively through JBT FoodTech, is a variable residence time (VRT) and buffering system for chilling and freezing packaged food products. The system allows for the handling of multiple products simultaneously and features a patented link system that couples pallet shelves together for greater independence of out-feeding from in-feeding. The tilted shelf provides 20 percent more efficient freezing performance compared to competing systems alone.

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Patty Paper

Patty Paper Inc. offers a versatile range of paper that raises the food safety bar by being 100% USDA approved. Its wide variety of select grade papers are used in the meat, dairy, bakery, deli, snack, and grocery industries. When packaging its patty paper stacks, PPI provides a patented FDA-approved individually wrapped paper packaging system. Individual fully wrapped packages keep each stack of interleaving paper clean and sanitary until it is used for interleaving.

Patty Paper Inc.: (800) 782-1703 or visit

Meat Recovery

Bettcher Industries introduces the Whizard TrimVac for chicken processing, which enables processors to recover more white meat yield in high-volume poultry processing activities. The TrimVac system makes it easy to harvest sub-tender white meat from beneath the wishbone, along with “eye” muscle lean meat that anchors the breast muscle to the breast frame as well as lean meat along the rib, keel and back. The entire trimming and vacuuming process is simple and sanitary.

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HK Instrument Systems’ revolutionary HK-4 NIR Analyzer is a full spectroscopy system that measures fat, protein, and moisture in beef, sausage, and poultry. It can be used on a chopper bowl, blender, mixer, or grinder. The company’s special proprietary software compensates for many of the ambient and process changes that have given NIR Systems trouble in the past. The HK-4 can help improve processes and save money by closing the control loop at a facility.

HK Instrument Systems: 
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Mettler Toledo’s new Excellence XA Balance line combines fundamental functionality with high weighing performance to deliver a range of balances that are straightforward and easy to use but still excel in terms of reliability and repeatability. The line includes two analytical and six precision balances. The balances are ideal for product quality control applications on the production line, as well as for typical weighing procedures such as preparation of buffer solutions for managing pH levels.

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Mylar COOK, a ground-breaking, ovenable film developed by DuPont Teijin Films, is FDA approved to 425 F and is ideally suited for “cook-in” meat applications. Developed to run on standard roll stock thermoforming equipment, it provides a wide range of operational efficiencies from production line to market. The film offers many innovations including fresh or frozen-to-oven convenience, “no-touch” cook experience, eliminating the need to handle raw meats, and strong package integrity with a self-venting feature.

DuPont Teijin Films: (855) 383-6535 or visit

Oil Sac Cutter

Cantrell has redesigned its oil sac cutter to run at higher line speeds and to lower maintenance costs. The OSC-1300 Oil Sac Cutter has been redesigned using less corrosive components and equipping the main chain with replacement components, allowing customers to purchase components instead of the complete chain assembly. The machine removes the oil gland from the tail of the chickens as they move along the processing line.

Cantrell: (800) 922-1232 
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Multivac has developed a concept for integrating equipment for the high-pressure treatment of foods into fully automatic packaging lines. Multivac can offer it not only for vacuum packages but also for modified atmosphere packaging. The patent-pending solution comprises a high pressure unit (one ore more autoclaves) as well as an automation concept to integrate the process into packaging lines which are laid out to meet the demands of the food industry.

Multivac Inc: 
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Stonhard has added a new, environmentally conscious product to its line of Stonclad floor systems. Stonclad G2 is a four-component, polyurethane mortar system that incorporates post-industrial recycled glass and rapidly-renewable materials into its composition, making it a good fit for sustainability-minded projects that won’t use traditional, epoxy floors. Because it is a seamless system, with no joints for dirt to build up, Stonclad G2 requires just simple maintenance.

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Duro-Last Roofing is adding a standing seam metal product line to its roofing system offerings. With five profiles and more than 30 colors to choose from, the line will enable authorized Duro-Last contractors to provide a standing seam roofing installation to meet virtually any aesthetic requirements. The new program includes metal production capabilities provided by a nationwide network of independent regional manufacturers. All panels will be produced under the authority of Duro-Last division Exceptional Metals.

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