Handtmann’s new HVF Deli Series lower-volume configurations have been developed especially for North American processors. The HVF 670-7 and HVF 670-11 versions join the HVF 670-16 to deliver affordable, ultra-precise control of whole muscle stuffing for local and regional processors seeking to effectively compete against national brands in today’s ultra-competitive environment. Precise weight accuracy for the lifecycle of the HVF equipment enables more efficient cooking and slicing and delivers a new level of production efficiency.


Handtmann Inc.: (847) 808-1100 or visit


Thermo Fisher offers its Thermo Scientific Versa Rx checkweigher. Designed to replace the Thermo Scientific AC9000plus Rx checkweigher, this system offers manufacturers higher accuracy at faster line speeds. With its new design, featuring upgraded electronics, the Versa Rx provides the highest level of accuracy and reliability in a checkweighing system. The Versa Rx’s accuracy and reliable reject performance is enabled by its effective slack belt knife edge conveyor design, which ensures maximum product stability.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.: (800) 227-8891 or visit


NuTEC’s C-Frame Depositors have improved the way many processors deposit fillings for stuffed sandwiches, multiple layered products, stuffed seafood, appetizers, and rolled or wrapped product. These portioning depositors provide excellent portion weight control and clean, accurate filling placement down the line. 45,000 deposits per hour are attainable on certain models. The C-Frame design of NuTEC’s Portioning Depositors enables the equipment to fit right into existing production lines to deposit fillings for numerous applications.

NuTEC Mfg.: (815) 722-2800 or visit

Vacuum Pump

Busch has begun production of its new Dolphin LX B series liquid ring vacuum pumps. Offering improved pumping speeds at deeper vacuum levels, these high-efficiency, single-stage pumps provide end vacuum levels comparable to most two-stage designs. All Dolphin LX series vacuum pumps are of a compact, motor-mounted design; ideal for a wide range of wet or corrosive applications. These rugged pumps are an economical alternative to traditional close-coupled, separate-drive or base-mounted liquid ring configurations.

Busch USA: (800) USA-PUMP 
or visit

Pallet Lift

Mepaco offers a solution to lost-time injuries with its ergonomically designed EZL2500 and EZ4000 Sanitary Lifts that offer relief to back strain and repetitive stress injuries. These Lifts are fabricated from T304 stainless steel and come with Mepaco’s unique pickle passivated sanitary finish. Both Lifts are designed to handle the harshest of washdown environments. The EZL2500 Sanitary Lift has a 2500-pound capacity, and the EZ4000 has a 4000-pound capacity.

Mepaco: (920)356-9900 
or visit

Metal Detector

The Phantom Pipeline Metal Detector is ideally suited for inline inspection of sausage meats that are transported through a pipe. Phantom Pipeline detectors are built rugged to withstand harsh production environments with Stainless Steel construction. Several material options are available for the non-metallic pipe including nylon, rubber, and Teflon for the more demanding high temperature / pressure applications.

Fortress Technology Inc.: (888) 220-8737 
or visit

Foot Picker/Scalder

Cantrell’s CSP-145 Foot Picker/Scalder completes any foot harvesting operation. The Cantrell Foot Picker/Scalder is available in 8-foot barrels with a capacity of 364 feet per minute and features an air operated top for easy access. New design in construction has improved water capturing capabilities to help reduce waste for a cleaner operation. The CSP-145 eight-foot barrel is powered by a 15 horse power electric motor.

Cantrell: (800) 922-1232 or visit

Depackaging System

The Dupps Co. has introduced the new Food Depackaging System, the first product from its recently formed Green Technologies business group. The Food Depackaging System separates organic from non-organic materials, including packaging materials such as plastics and paper. The system has been specifically engineered for turning food processing, supermarket and restaurant waste streams—and other food items suitable for recycling—into profitable, value-added product.

The Dupps Co.: (937) 855-6555 or visit

Conveyor Belt

Engineered with 70% open surface area, Wire Belt’s CompactGrid conveyor belt provides optimal performance in processes where product coating, drainage, and liquid or air circulation are factors. CompactGrid’s flow through capabilities will reduce the time required to heat up or cool down a product, therefore reducing energy costs. Increased open area of the belt combined with its proven-to-be superior flow-through characteristics enable easier and more thorough cleaning and sanitation of conveyor systems.

Wire Belt Co.: 
(603) 644-2500 
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The pneumatically powered Famatec Friendly ergonomic manipulator from Haeco precisely counterbalances heavy loads to allow an operator to effortlessly suspend, rotate, tilt and transfer product with precision. Equipped with appropriate end-of-arm tooling, it is the ultimate “friend” for manipulating, transferring or installing product. Three different models offer load capacities of 330, 550 and 880 pounds, with a working radius of 20 feet.

Haeco: (513) 722-1030 or visit

Pallet Packaging Equipment

The patented technology behind ITW Muller’s new Tail Tucker ensures that no loose film tails occur on stretch wrapped pallets, meaning that pallets won’t come unraveled due to weather or handling. The Tail Tucker is available as an enhancement to the ITW Muller Octopus line of new stretch wrap equipment or as a retrofit to most existing machines. It works by literally tucking the film tail behind the last two full webs of film.

ITW Muller: (800) 628-6787 
or visit

Online Training/

TPC Training Systems has released its eLearning test bank, TPC TestMaster Online. Free to all TPC Online clients, TPC TestMaster is a secure, online environment where tests can be created, assigned, and administered. Clients can tailor tests based to specific job titles, training programs, and locations. These tests can contain questions from the TPC test bank or from those uploaded by the client.

TPC Training Systems: 
(800) 837-8872 or visit


Utilizing a proprietary process, Z Trim is created from either oat hull or corn bran to create powdered cellulose. Z Trim is unique among the category of cellulose ingredients due to its short-chain polymeric structure. This gives Z Trim a very smooth mouthfeel, easy dispersability and flavor neutrality. The product can be used in the manufacture of sausage, frankfurters, patties, meatballs, whole muscle protein, marinade injections, coatings and more.