A new levelling foot from Denmark is capable of withstanding earthquakes and minimize potential damages to machines and equipment due to its’ ability to absorb combinations of vertical and horizontal vibrations.

The seismic levelling feet from NGI are new and innovative products capable of withstanding earthquakes due to their ability to absorb combinations of vertical and horizontal vibrations during earthquakes.
The NGI seismic levelling feet are available in different sizes and by combining different foot plate sizes with different spindle and thread heights you will get levelling feet matching any possible and thinkable needs. 

Also, NGI has developed new levelling feet with inbuilt Sartorius weighing cells

The new levelling feet from NGI with inbuilt weighing cells are developed and produced in Denmark. With this new technology, NGI combines vast experience in levelling of machines with compact high-quality weighing cells.

The NGI hygienic design ensures fast and easy cleaning and at the same time minimizes the risk for product contamination. In this way food safety is maximized and the risk for expensive rejection or withdrawal of products and food waste is minimized. 

For more information, visit www.ngi.dk/seismic-levelling-feet and www.ngi.dk/weighing-levelling-feet.