Spartan Chemical’s Sani-T-10 Plus is now available in 2-liters for use in Spartan’s Clean on the Go dispensing systems. Sani-T-10 Plus is a fourth-generation quat-based, food contact sanitizer for use in food handling and process areas, federally inspected meat and poultry plants, fruit and vegetable processors, wineries, restaurants, bars and institutional kitchens. Ideal to sanitize filling equipment, food processing equipment, meat and poultry or fruit and vegetable conveyors dishes, glasses, cooking utensils, and eating utensils.

Spartan Chemical Co. Inc.: (800) 537-8990 or visit




The Handtmenn ConPro Therm and ConPro LINK systems raise the co-extrusion process to new levels of speed and efficiency for sizes from 10mm to 32mm by offering the industry’s first “natural look” closed-end continuous process casing. This process delivers all the benefits of a continuous process using the Vega (vegetable casing) resulting in the look and feel of premium natural casing and the efficiency of near automation.

Handtmann Inc.: 
(847) 808-1100 or visit



Hollymatic is marketing the Hi-Yield 16-5000 Saw for fresh and frozen meat, poultry, fish, and vegetable products. The 16-5000 is a competitively priced, high-speed, high-yield saw that offers significant safety features, including a Quick Stop Brake that stops the blade within 1 second of shut-off or opening of doors to dramatically reduce risk of injury, as well as safety interlocked doors and double flanged wheels. State-of-the-art controls optimize energy usage.

Hollymatic: 708-579-3700 or visit



Ossid offers a horizontal form-fill-seal machine rated at 10 to 15 cycles per minute (CPM), is scheduled to meet USDA meat, poultry, dairy, and 3-A Sanitary Standards, complies with Pack ML, and may be customized for customer specific applications. The Integrity machine will be available in web widths of 320, 355, 420, and 459 mm respectively and indexes of up to 600 mm. The base unit comes with servo-driven clip chain drive and pneumatic presses.

Ossid: (800) 334-8369 or visit



Multivac is launching a commercially available, ultra compact model of its “e-concept” thermoformer – a system with electric lifts requiring no compressed air or cooling water. The Multivac R 095 thermoformer is just under 7 feet long and is ideal for users who have limited space and are new to automated thermoform fill-seal packaging. Eliminating the need for cooling water in the machine also represents a substantial logistical and cost advantage for users.

Multivac Inc.: (816) 891-0555 or visit



JBT’s Double D Searer/Grill Marker produces a seared or grill-marked effect on products to enhance taste and appearance. Designed and manufactured in the UK, the system can be custom built with any number of burners, and has the ability to sear on both sides of the product simultaneously, leading to significant savings in time and costs. The Double D Searer/Grill Marker can be stand alone, or as part of JBT FoodTech’s multi-phase cooking systems.

JBT FoodTech: (419) 626-0304 or visit



Loma Systems’ new LCW line of checkweighers features a fully welded frame that lives up to Loma’s “Designed to Survive” tagline. The frame is now completely welded for strength, rigidity, and durability. The load cell is mounted to a rigid piece of 1/2-inch steel plate, giving it tremendous accuracy and resistance to outside noise and vibrations. The optional Washdown Package makes the LCW IP66 rated and adds in many sanitary features.

Loma Systems: (800) USA-LOMA or visit



FreshCase packaging from Curwood delivers superior flavor, quality and extended shelf life of vacuum packaging; the fresh red color consumers prefer; and cost advantages that help processors and retailers maintain critical profit margins. FreshCase packaging is an FDA- and USDA-approved technology engineered to maintain fresh red color in a vacuum package. For the consumer, the attractive, leak-proof packages are easy to open; freezer-ready; and can be stored in the refrigerator, ready-to-cook, until the Use-By date.

Curwood: (800) 544-4672 or visit

Cryovac introduces QuickRip packaging, the next-generation bag for boneless fresh red meat applications. This innovative, high performance packaging was designed specifically to improve efficiencies and safety in the retail backroom and foodservice back-of house. The bag features improved performance in comparison with B620 & BH620 bags, an option for an easy-open tab, improved abuse resistance, enhanced shrink and optics and in-line one color print.

Sealed Air, Cryovac: 
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Lohmann Animal Health’s AviPro IBD Xtreme provides effective protection against highly virulent infectious bursal disease viruses. AviPro IBD Xtreme is designed for the protection of commercial layers, breeders and broilers against infectious bursal disease. AviPro IBD Xtreme is classified as an intermediate plus IBD vaccine. The IBD virus can break through the maternal antibodies which protect the chick in their first few days, resulting in an early infection and a severe case of the disease.

Lohmann Animal Health International: 
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