Isernio's Sausage, producer of premium, lean, all-natural sausage, today announced the availability of Isernio's All-Natural Chicken Sausage Rolls in more than 575 Safeway stores in Washington, Oregon and northern California. The select Safeway stores will carry Italian, Hot Italian and Breakfast Sausage chicken sausage roll varieties and will be carried in the fresh meat section, alongside other sausage items.

"We are proud to bring our products to Safeway customers throughout the northwest and northern California," said Frank Isernio, founder and CEO of Isernio's Sausage. "We encourage everyone to try our chicken sausage rolls and see for themselves how easy and versatile they are to cook with. Isernio's has been focused on creating delicious, low-fat, no nitrate sausage varieties that offer cooks better ways to serve up their favorite meals for over 30 years."

Isernio's products are available at SuperTarget, Kroger, Amazon Fresh, Albertson's and local independent grocers nationwide. Isernio's is available in 30 states across the country. Isernio's expanded distribution and rollout of chicken sausage roll products across the country is lead by Michael Durand, general manager of Isernio's. Durand was promoted in November 2010 to lead the company's day-to-day operations as well as implement strategic plans across all development. He oversees Isernio's direct and broker-driven sales organization and helps the company scale to meet the demands of future growth.

Source: Isernio's Sausage