NAMP has announced theE. coliConference for Beef Further Processors, Aug. 17 – 18 near O’Hare Airport in Chicago, IL. The conference will include three special summit meetings.

A non-O157 STEC Summit will feature new information on the importance of STECs, laboratory methods, effectiveness of interventions, as well as the latest about FSIS policy on non-O157 STECs, and the future of sampling and testing.

A Regulatory Summit will discuss FSIS initiatives on E. coli O157:H7, traceability, non-intact steaks, and an update from Capitol Hill.

An Interventions Summit will include information on research and applications in further processing, real-world information from the field, FSIS expectations for validating interventions, and how to incorporate interventions into written food safety plans.

Early confirmed speakers include:

  • Dr. Dan Engeljohn, Assistant Administrator for the Office of Policy and Program Development, FSIS, USDA;
  • Dr. Kerri Harris, President and CEO of the International HACCP Alliance and Associate Professor of Animal Science at Texas A&M University; and
  • Dr. Jim Marsden, Regent’s Distinguished Professor at Kansas State University, and NAMP Senior Science Advisor.

There also will be a special session on developments in Canada. A complete schedule and registration materials will be posted soon on NAMP’s Web site.

Source: NAMP