In 1907 Giuseppe Cozzini emigrated from Italy to the United States and founded a successful knife sharpening business in Chicago. Three generations and over a century later COZZINIPRIMEdge has grown and evolved into a leading supplier of knife sharpening equipment, edge maintenance tools and replacement blades for the meat and food industries.

COZZINIPRIMEdge features innovative sharpening technologies, including hollow grinders, honer/edgers, rotary surface plate grinders and hand-held and bench mounted knife-edge maintenance tools.

COZZINIPRIMEdge has also developed an unsurpassed reputation for providing premium quality replacement parts for all major makes of grinders, emulsifiers, slicers and bowl choppers.

Some of the products offered by COZZINIPRIMEdge include high quality blades fro skinners, band saws, dicers, tenderizers and numerous other specialty blades.

Amongst the equipment available from COZZINIPRIMEdge are sanitizing units for knives and gloves. Also available is expert sharpening for all types of blades.

COZZINIPRIMEdge is proud to be the original inventor and developer of such industry leading technologies as the Ergo Steel ergonomic edge maintenance tool. The easy-to-use “ERGO STEEL” is designed to be integrated into the production line to insures razor sharp knife-edges in seconds without training and contributes towards worker safety by minimizing fatigue related to use of dull knives.

Still maintaining their old world focus on excellent workmanship and customer satisfaction COZZINIPRIMEdge is continually developing new technologies to meet the demands of an ever changing global market.

The next generation of edge maintenance tools has been introduced this year with two new PRIMEdge Ergo Steels in a fully stainless steel version, a design for improved hygiene and durability.

PRIMEdge, Inc. is headquartered in Chicago, Ill., and has European manufacturing and distribution facilities in Germany, France and Denmark and a network of global sales agents in most countries.