Counsel RB Capital Inc. announced two upcoming auctions of the remaining surplus capital and manufacturing assets of Mountain City Meat, a former top company in the meat processing industry. Counsel RB, acting as one of three principals together with Harry Davis & Co. and BidItUp, acquired these assets following recent bankruptcy proceedings.

Counsel RB Co-CEO Adam Reich stated, "We expect our positive momentum to continue in early 2012 with sales at auctions resulting from this recent high-profile bankruptcy. Together with auction house partner Harry Davis & Company and BidItUp, we will be selling Mountain City Meat's state-of-the-industry production and IS systems in Nashville, TN (1/18) and Denver, CO (1/25). We anticipate very strong demand at both auctions -- which will feature in-person and worldwide on-line bidding via a live webcast."

Along with in-person auction registration on January 18, 2012 in Nashville, TN and January 25, 2012 in Denver, CO, online registration will be available via

Source: Counsel RB Capital Inc.