Anritsu has been designing superior detection and inspection equipment for the food, packaged goods, pharmaceutical and chemical packaging and processing industries for almost 50 years. Its range of equipment and associated technology ensures that each customer incorporating its detection systems advances the quality of their product and assures their ability to remain in compliance with the most stringent quality control programs while providing a superior ROI.

Anritsu’s latest innovation – the new Detection360 proprietary process – advances quality control programs by securing all points of detection within the processing environment while reducing risks associated with unwanted contaminants or missing items in your products while increasing efficiencies.

The Detection360™ process involves four phases:

  • DISCOVERY PHASE – In Phase 1, the DISCOVERY Phase, Anritsu’s technical sales team begins by understanding the vision of your current and future quality control program, mutually identifying needs and reviewing quality concerns to define all inspection opportunities and production line details throughout every aspect of your production and packaging process. Understanding your goals, your process, your packaging, your end users/customers and the ingredients associated with production allows an accurate assessment of risk from physical contaminants or fill/packaging issues.
  • MAPPING PHASE – After the DISCOVERY Phase, inspection technology is ‘mapped’ throughout your processing and packaging lines with a focus on correctly and effectively applying advanced technology to resolve your high-priority quality concerns. This phase includes a full application review, matching equipment through proprietary AISIS software and product testing. AISIS mapping provides detailed and accurate detection estimates and assures the provided solution is proven prior to manufacturing and delivery.
  • INTEGRATION PHASE – Phase 3 is INTEGRATION. Anritsu properly integrates and commissions the AISIS MAPPED technology and solutions from its broad range of standard and semi-custom equipment offerings with a focus to advance your current quality control program by maximizing the detection and inspection capabilities of the technology. Proper integration is critical to the success of the project and assures your investment is maximized.
  • PERFORMANCE PHASE – The final partnering step is PERFORMANCE. The integration of technology in conjunction with our commitment to performance assures advancement in quality control programs. To assure performance, safety and quality, Anritsu offers basic and advanced training, preventative-service programs and operational equipment reviews, as well as quality-management programs that enhance and assure your investment is properly maintained and operated at its peak level of performance.

No other company provides better support, experience and technology to detect contaminants or quality issues within your products. Having completed more than 100,000 installations globally and developed strong quality control relationships with its customers, Anritsu has consistently proven its commitment to making food and pharmaceutical products safer at a higher level of quality assurance than its competitors can provide. Anritsu brings together the widest range of detection technology available to provide a complete advanced inspection system, which incorporates X-Ray inspection systems, checkweighers, metal detectors, combination systems and quality programs to ensure each customer’s facility produces the safest end products in an efficient manner.

For nearly a half century, Anritsu has been designing and manufacturing inspection equipment for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical packaging/processing industries. Formed in Japan, Anritsu has expanded its tradition of advancing quality control programs with innovative and reliable technology to the United States over the last decade. Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA is headquartered in Elk Grove Village, IL, and can be found at