Just in time to kick-off another school year,Tyson Foods has reintroduced the Tyson Project A+program, aimed at helping to improve educational experiences through national fundraising efforts. Starting now, students and parents can easily raise funds for their local school through the Tyson Project A+ program and help make the upcoming school year the best yet by simply clipping and saving product labels from some of their favorite Tyson products. Each label is valued at $0.24, and is redeemable for cash to be used at the school’s discretion. Families across the country will agree that supporting schools has never been so easy, or tasted so good.

The program is designed to help parents make positive changes in their communities through opportunities to assist educators in purchasing necessary supplies and scholastic resources that will directly benefit students. Whether it’s new art supplies, gym equipment or classroom materials teachers often purchase on their own, schools can gain quicker access to all that is needed for the school year by working with families to collect eligible Tyson product labels.

“Parents can feel confident they’re fueling their kids with good nutrients and delicious food while supporting education,” said Darci Severson, product manager for Tyson Foods. “We want to make it easier for parents to get back into the school routine by providing them with meal and snack solutions to keep kids full from the morning bus stop to bedtime.”

Joining in on the fundraising is easy with more than 40 popular Tyson products eligible through the Tyson Project A+ program. Choose from a variety of foods from Tyson Any’tizers snacks, Tyson Grilled & Ready Frozen Chicken, Tyson Crispy Strips, Tyson Fun Nuggets and Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches. The program is available to school grades from preschool to twelfth. Follow these three simple steps to participate:

  • Register your school online at http://projectaplus.tyson.com.
  • Clip and save all Tyson Project A+ labels from participating Tyson products.
  • Turn in your labels to your participating school.
  • Labels are submitted to the program by the school (100 label minimum) and redeemed for cash.

This year, Tyson Foods has partnered with School Family Media and PTO Today, the leading magazine for school PTO and PTA leaders. The partnership adds valuable visibility to the Tyson Project A+ program by working closely with PTO leaders and parents in local communities to develop a connection between establishing good eating habits and supporting local schools. The partnership will inspire PTO leaders and parents to register for the program and encourage kids to eat more nutritious foods, like those offered in the Tyson product line-up.

“We look forward to celebrating the new school year with a Tyson Foods partnership,” said Tim Sullivan, founder of School Family Media. “There’s no better cause than local education, and we love it when a prominent company like Tyson Foods gets behind a program like the Tyson Project A+ program. School PTOs and PTAs and parents across the country are enthusiastic supporters of this kind of program that they know will help their local schools.”

For more information on the Tyson Project A+ program and to register, please visit: http://projectaplus.tyson.com

Source: Tyson Foods Inc.