Smithfield Packing Co. is showcasing its distinctive blend of heritage and innovation with the launch of its new ‘Flavor Hails from Smithfield’ campaign, which celebrates the brand’s craftsmanship, rich culinary history and commitment to flavor. The four individual spots each highlight a different product line and begin airing in October 2013.

Created by advertising agency Doner, this campaign is markedly different than those the brand has launched in the past. Through warm and rustic contemporary visuals and compelling voiceovers, the ads give a nod to Smithfield’s history of consistent high-quality preparation and attention to detail, while embracing a future of fresh ingredients and artisanal touches. Each spot features a different Smithfield product and aims to celebrate that product’s occasion all while inspiring new culinary experiences among family and friends.

“At Smithfield Packing Company, we believe our pride in preparation, attention to detail and investment in future innovation, which seeks to inspire a next generation of flavors, make our products distinctively different,” said Will Brunt, Vice President of Marketing. “This campaign exhibits Smithfield’s commitment to authentic flavor and enduring traditions, while celebrating the modern kitchens and consumers of today.”

“The launch spot showcases how cooking a well-crafted product can bring family and friends together for a beautiful moment at the dinner table,” said David DeMuth, co-CEO and President of Doner. “The new campaign brings a fresh perspective that blends the passion Smithfield has for its products and the pride it has in its heritage demonstrated through its tagline, ‘Flavor Hails from Smithfield.’

The first of the four spots, which will highlight Smithfield’s marinated pork product line, will launch on October 21, 2013 and illustrate how the marinated pork loin makes preparing a weeknight family dinner effortless and stress-free. The 30-second spot centers around a family at home after a long day of work and school, ready to enjoy each other’s company over a delicious home-cooked meal. As the family unwinds, the announcer explains, “It’s family dinner night. Time to turn on the heat. And let Smithfield turn up the flavor. You can sit back and relax. We’ll take a stand against bland. You set the table. And we’ll set the standard for delicious with our perfectly seasoned and expertly marinated pork. Perfect for any night, like tonight.” The spot continues picturing the whole family gathered around the table, enjoying the food and time together, and concludes with the tagline, “Flavor Hails from Smithfield.”

Three additional television commercials will air in November and February in support of the Bacon, Spiral Sliced Ham and Anytime Favorites product lines.

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Source: Smithfield Packing Co.