Jack Link’s has debuted its new national brand campaign, “Hangry Moments,” which brings to life how “hangry” feelings demand protein-packed Jack Link’s Jerky.

“Nothing says Feed Your Wild Side like literally feeding your wild side,” said Kevin Papacek, director of marketing of Jack Link’s Beef Jerky. “Hangry is how you feel when you experience hunger to the point of being angry – visceral, debilitating hunger. This deeper hunger can only be fed by Jack Link’s Jerky.”

In each spot, the lead character’s intense hunger comes in the form of a wild animal – a wolf, puma and eagle – that literally emerges from his or her stomach, personifying the “hangry” feelings that can’t be satisfied by other protein poser snacks like granola bars and nuts. The character’s hunger is tamed thanks to Jack Link’s Jerky and the wild animal retreats.

The spots illustrate that “Hangry Moments” can strike anytime: when stuck in a long afternoon meeting, waiting on an airport tarmac for takeoff, or in the middle of an exam.

“There is an emotional and physical need that isn’t satisfied by most snacks,” said Papacek. “The ‘Hangry Moments’ campaign identifies that need and provides a solution – Jack Link’s Jerky.”

The purpose of the campaign is to urge consumers to feed their wild side whenever they start to feel “hangry.”  It also answers the growing need for healthier, protein snacking options during different eating occasions, where hunger lurks every day.

“Hangry Moments,” developed by Carmichael Lynch, will debut online and on cable TV this week on channels such as Comedy Central, ESPN, FX, The Onion, YouTube and more.  The new campaign will run alongside the existing “Messin’ with Sasquatch” campaign, also developed by Carmichael Lynch.

“We’re really proud of the work that we’ve done for Jack Link’s over the last decade,” said Mike Lescarbeau, CEO of Carmichael Lynch. “The ‘Hangry Moments’ campaign continues the funny, disruptive, and over-the-top storytelling that has become a hallmark of Jack Link’s advertising.”

The launch of the new campaign coincides with the continued growth of Jack Link’s as a company and the meat snacks category overall. Jack Link’s, still a family owned and run business headquartered in the small, North Woods town of Minong, Wisconsin, is the global leader in the meat snack category and the fastest-growing meat snack manufacturer worldwide.

According to a recent Euromonitor report, a leader in global market research, sweet and savory snack options experienced substantial growth over the past year. And consumers are demanding that snack options be healthier and more flavorful. It's a perfect time for Jack Link’s to garner more awareness through the new “Hangry Moments” campaign, which seeks to keep Jack Link’s top of mind as a low-fat, high protein, on-the-go snack that comes in more than 100 varieties and flavors.

Source: Jack Link’s