Mepaco Process ExpoMepaco, a well-known provider of food processing and material handling equipment, is exhibiting at Process Expo on November 3-6 in Booth #N4967. Mepaco will be highlighting its Model 11-09 Self-Feeding Grinder, the 170 ThermaBlend Batch Cooker, the 420v Vacuum Stuffer, and its Ergonomic Sanitary Lifts.

Mepaco provides sanitary design equipment to demanding regulatory compliance industries. Food processing equipment products are cleanable to a microbiological level, accessible for inspection and maintenance and validated for industry cleaning and sanitizing protocols.

Mepaco's equipment and systems are fabricated by ASME certified welders. The company has in-house safety and quality administrators to facilitate customer requirements and agency compliance. Mepaco also offers in-house electro-polishing and pickle-passivation for high-end sanitation finishes.

At the show, experts will be on hand to discuss Mepaco's industry leadership in sanitary finishes and production efficiencies that complement their equipment and system offerings.

Mepaco is the food processing equipment group of Apache Stainless Equipment Corporation. Founded in 1975, Apache is made up of five groups: Large Tanks, Small Vessels, Contract Manufacturing, Carbon Steel, and Mepaco. Apache is an employee-owned company and a subsidiary of Dexter Apache Holdings, Inc.

For more information, stop by Booth #N4967 at the show or contact Mepaco: 200 W. Industrial Drive, Beaver Dam, WI 53916; (920)356-9900;