At Process Expo 2019, Nutec will be exhibiting their 745H Hydraulic Food Forming System as well as their 745E Electric Food Forming System. Both offer high productivity in a small footprint while providing accurate weight control and quick tooling changes. Both systems also provide rapid changeover while processing formed products like beef, pork, poultry, fish, veal, lamb or vegetables. The 745H and 745E Forming Systems are USDA and Agriculture Canada approved. These Food Formers are completely hose-proof for easy wash-down. An intelligent design enables heavy parts on the machine to simply swing out of the way for speedy clean-up.

The 745H Food Forming System features a Rotary Vane Pump Feed Design that gently portions up to 3600 pounds of product per hour with minimal product working. A rotating spiral gently moves product toward the rotor. The vane pump feeds directly to the mold plate cavity without product back flow or bridging.

Nutec’s 745E System is 100% electric although it uses 50% less electricity than other machines its size. It also uses 0% hydraulic oil and “wear items” have been reduced by 50%. The 745E Food Forming System portions up to 4500 pounds per hour. A 100% Servo design reduces the number of moving parts and improves routine maintenance.

Both the 745H and the 745E Food Formers will be on display at Process Expo – Booth #403. Be sure to stop by to see them in person.

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