For over 170 years now, the German company Maschinenfabrik Seydelmann KG has been developing, manufacturing and distributing machines for the food processing industry. Across the world, Seydelmann Cutters, Mixers, Grinders, Emulsifiers and Production Lines are known for fulfilling the highest quality standards and being equipped with the most modern technology. Successfully living up to this good reputation, Seydelmann is the world leading producer of machines for food processing. At the Process Expo 2013, on the booth of its decades-long North-American partner, Reiser, Seydelmann will exhibited a wide range of its machinery program, offering solutions for both the artisan and the industrial sector as well as professional consulting by Seydelmann and Reiser representatives.

Seydelmann Grinders achieve a constantly clear cut and a very efficient throughput while processing all kinds of material, including firm, frozen, tough as well as cooked, fresh and soft products. This strong performance and versatility are impressively demonstrated by the newly developed Universal Grinder AU 200 U. The machine effortlessly reduces fresh meat, entire frozen meat blocks, rinds, blocks of fat as well as cooked meat, independently of consistency and temperature. The drive of the specially equipped six speed working worm is mostly wear and maintenance free. The six speeds can be pre-set steplessly via the Command 500 W control system. Thus, for example, faster speeds can be chosen for fresh meat and slower speeds for deep-frozen blocks of meat. This guarantees the best possible cross-section cut and a very efficient throughput. According to its temperature, consistency, size or type, the product can be fed continuously with the ideal speed.

The new Seydelmann Mixing-Grinder MRV 2500 is equipped with a long discharge worm, which is positioned in the bottom of the hopper parallel above the working worm. Therefore, fast emptying through the grinder outlet is guaranteed. It is the ideal machine for high utilizations of minced meat-, dry sausage-, hamburger-production and much more. Furthermore, the machine frame is equipped with double sided walls, so that all pipes, tubes, cylinders, valves, cooling and other accessories are integrated into the machine.

The unique system of the Emulsifier KK 250 AC-6 guarantees consistent highest quality emulsion. In the KK 250 AC‑6, thepremixed product is emulsified by being sucked through a series of vertically ordered hole- and cutting plates. Situated within minimal distance from one another yet without any actual contact, the plates do not rub against each other, which completely avoids contamination of the material through metal particles. The degree of fineness of the emulsion is determined by the number and the size of the holes in the hole- and cutting plates. Due to the vertical adjustment the cutting set can be changed easily. The KK 250 AC‑6 is the ideal machine for the production of all types of sausages and can be very easily integrated into production lines, so that almost all food products can be manufactured on a largely continuous basis.

The Vacuum-Cutter K 504 AC-8 with a 500 liter bowl content proves its first-class performance through its highly developed technology, robust design, and ideal conditions for loading and integration into production lines as well as an easy maintenance. The vacuum function ensures a longer shelf-life and lasting fresh look of the sausage due to a strong reduction of atmospheric oxygen in the cutter bowl. It, furthermore, leads to a better protein extraction, which improves the binding and stability of the end product. This way, the release of flavor essences is also increased and the taste of the sausage improved. Both the binding and the taste are further improved by the AC-8 drive of the K 504: The machine is equipped with 6 steplessly programmable knife speeds forward and 2 steplessly pre-programmable reverse mixing speeds. Due to the high speeds, not even the smallest cell compounds are missed by the knives and are cut repeatedly. Apart from being perfectly suited for different kinds of sausages, such as salami, a huge variety of food products, such as fruits, vegetables, cheese, confectionary products, fish and much more can be cut very efficiently with the Seydelmann Vacuum‑Cutter K 504 AC-8.

Like all Seydelmann machines, the Universal Grinder AU 200 U, the Mixer‑Grinder MRV 2500, the Emulsifier KK 250 AC‑6, and , the Cutter K 504 AC-8 follow the premium Seydelmann quality standard. Accordingly, each machine body is made of thick‑walled heavy duty stainless steel. All edges are rounded and polished very precisely. All surfaces on the machine are designed with a slope so that cleaning water will drain completely. All covers are completely embedded in the machine body preventing water from entering the machine.

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