Seydelmann EmulsifierIn Hall 04, booth G16, Interpack visitors can experience the unique quality and versatility of the Cutters, Mixers, Grinders and Emulsifiers by Maschinenfabrik Seydelmann KG. The meat industry being the central user of Seydelmann machines, others, including the cheese-, soup-, vegetable-, pharmacy-, and pet food industries also rely on Seydelmann machines. By performing various technological operations in one working step, Seydelmann machines help save personnel, time and energy costs.

Usually five different machines are needed for the production of marzipan whereas one Seydelmann Vacuum-Cooking-Cutter is sufficient for carrying out all production steps. Apart from chopping, emulsifying, and blending, the state of the art and versatile technology in Seydelmann Cutters offers numerous further processing options. In Seydelmann Cutters, cooling, cooking, melting, and thermization as well as vacuum drying, evacuating, and granulating are also possible. That is why the producers of marmalades, confectionary containing nuts and cocoa as well as rework of cookies, wafers, and chocolate bar misshapes trust Seydelmann Vacuum-Cooking-Cutters.

The innovative Universal Grinders, available with hole plate diameters of 200 and 300 mm (7.8 and 11.8 inches), impressively demonstrate high performance capacity and versatile applicability. They reduce different materials, including fresh meat, frozen meat blocks down to -25 °C (-13 °F), cheese, cocoa beans, vegetables, and more without changing the working worm or cutting set. This versatility allows an unmatched flexibility with regards to different materials as well as to fluctuating costs of fresh and frozen goods. Furthermore, a machine that processes soft and frozen material is cheaper, easier to maintain and saves space and personnel compared to two separate machines for frozen and fresh. The frequency controlled drive of Universal Grinders uses up to 25 % less energy by avoiding peak loads. At the same time, the steplessly pre-programmable six speeds of the working worm and the four stepless speeds of the feeding worm guarantee the best cut and output for every material. 

Mixers are ideal for mixing and standardization of source materials with spices and other additives. Seydelmann Mixers are used when producing different kinds of meat, fish, cheese, and fruit products, as well as confectionary, fillings, fast- and convenience food. As a standard they are equipped with two strong mixing shafts, which can be switched independently forward and backward, at fast and slow speed. In connection with the innovative shape of the mixing paddles every material is being optimally mixed at low temperature. The hydraulic discharge flaps of the mixers guarantee a very fast and easy emptying. At the same time, the material cannot fall out of the hopper. The optionally available cooling function secures optimal processing temperatures for every product, replaces cooling room capacity and increases the profitability of production. The material is cooled to desired temperature via nozzels in the hopper bottom through which carbon dioxide (CO2) and liquid nitrogen (LN2) are injected. Another cooling possibility is adding CO2-snow via snow horns in the machine lid.

The unique cutting technology of Seydelmann Emulsifiers produces continually highest quality emulsions. The premixed product is sucked through a specially developed system of vertically ordered hole- and cutting plates. At minimal distance from one another yet without any actual contact, the plates do not rub against each other. Thus, contamination of the material through metal particles is avoided completely. The degree of emulsion fineness is determined by the number and size of the holes in the hole- and cutting plates. Due to the vertical adjustment, the cutting set can be changed easily. An emulsifier is very well suited for producing all types of sausages, sauces, spice ingredients, baby food as well as pharmaceutical and beauty products.

All Seydelmann machines for the industrial sector can be integrated perfectly into
Production Lines. The company offers individual and precisely customized automation solutions. The level of automation and points of intersection can be determined individually. Each machine, connected through conveying systems with others, can be operated manually or the entire production line can be controlled easily and safely by one person from a central control desk. Modern techniques for fat analysis, with which the Seydelmann production lines can be equipped, help put resources to use most efficiently and further increase quality safety in the end product.

Seydelmann machines are built according to high hygienic design standards and safe and easy to clean. The machine body is made of thick-walled, massive, stainless steel. All surfaces are rounded, polished with high precision and designed with a slope, so that water and detergents can drain easily. All covers are completely embedded in the machine body preventing water from entering the machine, making cleaning with high pressure steam possible.

Seydelmann experts are looking forward to providing advice and helping you pick the most suitable Seydelmann machine for your product.