Weiler VersaGrindThe outlook for the global poultry sector for 2014 is bullish, and this outlook is being fueled by sharply lower feed costs and tight global supplies of pork and beef, Rabobank reports. In its report titled Crossroads for Growth: The International Poultry Sector Towards 2020, Rabobank states the global poultry industry is currently valued at approximately $300 billion wholesale and more than $400 billion at retail. This represents approximately 5 percent of the world food market value. With 34 percent of the work production volume, poultry is now the second-largest meat market after pork.

Globally, sausage remains contemporary and a mega-market. Sausage, whether it is in the form of chub cold cuts for breakfast and lunch enjoyed in Germany and other European countries, cooked breakfast sausage, cooked dinner sausage or sausage snacks, continues to be a mainstay in all day parts, in between meals, as well as primary or secondary ingredients in breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes. Meanwhile in the United States, sausage sales remain brisk. Dollar sales for refrigerated breakfast sausage ham for the 52 weeks ending Dec. 1, 2013 totaled $1,482,663,000, up 5.39 percent from the same year-earlier period, and refrigerated dinner sausage sales were $2,993,417,000, up 1.90 percent from the same year-earlier period, Information Resources, Inc. relays.

As a result, opportunity abounds for processors to meet growing consumer demand for poultry and sausage products. Weiler, a Provisur Technologies Inc. leading brand, is at the forefront of processing innovation delivering new mixing and grinding technologies that will take your processing line to the next level of performance while consistently surpassing customer expectations.

Weiler’s vast offering of both Vacuum and Non-Vacuum Mixers ensures you possess the versatility you need to effectively and efficiently handle various production capacities for all of your poultry and sausage applications. Weiler mixers efficiently blend raw materials, effectively incorporating spices, additives, and liquids to deliver the most consistent, highest-quality end-product possible. Higher product quality, enhanced food safety, greater yields, easy sanitation, and a lower cost of ownership are all ensured. A wide range of Weiler mixers are innovatively designed with a twin-overlapping paddle system and unload screw, which provides a quick thorough mixing action that is gentle on your product and ensures a consistent mix of all raw materials, or a more conventional design utilizing discharge doors for unloading.

Weiler grinders are proven performers and revered in the industry for their innovative features and overall value. With models ranging from 6 to 16 inches, Weiler’s wide range of grinders feature heavy-duty construction ideal for high-capacity grinding and durable parts that lower maintenance costs and downtime. No matter which grinder you choose, you’re guaranteed a premium end-product result.

One of many standouts in the Weiler grinder line is its new VersaGrind 11 Pump Grinding System. This new system increases productivity and enhances product quality for processors of sausage and other meat and poultry products.

Features and technologies of the VersaGrind Pump Grinding System include:

• AccuPump Technology – A positive displacement pump eliminates roll back and overworking of raw materials for a higher quality end product, reduced maintenance and cost of ownership, and repeatable and consistent particle definition.

• Speed Control – Variable speed control on three separate drives “dial in” to exact particle definition required.

• Dominator® Technology – Provides superior hard-tissue removal, enhanced product quality, and superior definition and uniformity.

Meanwhile, system benefits include dramatic increase in grind rate, significant reduction in batching cycle times, improved product appearance and coloration, elimination of product smearing, and surpassed product standards. The VersaGrind system can be used on sausage and other meat and poultry products from the lowest to highest quality of raw materials, and it delivers all of these benefits at a lower cost of ownership.

Customers who recently installed the VersaGrind Pump Grinding System report they have gained increased capacity, improved product quality, and achieved unprecedented performance in their operation.

“Every poultry and sausage processor has unique mixing and grinding needs that require technology that is efficient, effective, proven, and the ideal solution for each application,” said Dave Schumacher, Global Product Manager, Mixing and Grinding, Weiler. “Our expert mixer and grinder technicians and equipment designers listened to our valued customers throughout the world in creating each mixer and grinder. Each piece of equipment was built with world-class performance, less downtime, food safety, and a fast ROI in mind.”

Learn more about the versatility and productivity of Weiler’s full line of mixers and grinders by visiting provisur.com or e-mailing Dave Schumacher at David.Schumacher@provisur.com for immediate assistance.

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