Hollymatic’s all stainless steel 900E Mixer/Grinder features a 200 lb. hopper capacity and grinds up to 65 lbs. per minute on second grind. Its innovative ergonomic design improves efficiency and safety while offering user-friendly operations like easy loading and unloading, as well as easy cleaning after each use.

The 900E features a stainless steel, programmable automatic forward/reverse mixing ribbon for smooth, even, homogenous mixing, as well as a unique feed screw that operates at right angles to the hopper. This ensures minimal feed screw exposure to the product and minimal temperature build-up to extend shelf-life. It also helps to improve product bloom and presentation.

Additional features on Hollymatic’s 900E Grinder include a stainless steel conical hopper and grinding head, convenient on/off and mix/grind push button controls, variable speed mix and grind motors, a safety interlocked lid and heavy duty casters.

Sales literature is available on the 900E Mixer/Grinder or you may visit Hollymatic at www.hollymatic.com.