From finely ground, emulsified product to premium whole muscle product, the Formax brand of versatile processing equipment, under the wing of Provisur Technologies Inc., delivers a more poultry-focused wide range of value-added products. Chicken nuggets, chicken breast or thighs, chicken tenders, chicken rings, chicken fries and popcorn chicken have one thing in common; all are formed on the same technology.

Americans consume more chicken than anyone else in the world – 83.6 lbs. per capita – the number one protein consumed in the United States, according to the National Chicken Council’s Broiler Chicken Industry Key Facts. For 2014, USDA estimates claim 11% of broilers will be marketed as whole chickens, 41% will be marketed as cut-up parts, while 48% will be marketed as further-processed product. This is a sharp contrast when compared to 1964 statistics, which are 80%, 18% and 2%, respectively. Chicken is always contemporary – it is “the little black dress of protein” because it’s always in style and goes with everything, NCC relays. In addition to a wide variety of value-added products such as nuggets, strips and tenders, chicken can be found in further value-added products such as sausages, luncheon meats, frankfurters, meatballs and more.

While adding value is the name of the game throughout the US poultry industry, continuous improvement is the name of the game at Formax. Recently, the company launched its VerTex Rotary Forming System. Rotary forming systems are best suited for processors that form high volumes of product with minimal tooling changes. VerTex1000 was designed to improve efficiency and sustainability by substantially reducing water usage and power consumption. Other features include: Dual Lobe Pump that protects your product’s original texture; low-maintenance Rotary Drums that maximize uptime and provide significant cost benefits compared to sintered metal drum designs; Servo Knock-Out System facilitates accurate product placement and eliminates troublesome release issues caused by plugged drums; and its 15-inch Touch-Screen Interface that offers a full range of operating and diagnostic screens in multiple languages.

VerTex offers the capability to produce high-quality, value-added products and is ideal for chicken nuggets and schnitzels, as well as chicken fillets, chicken selects and more.

Formax offers the most versatile poultry forming technology available. Bring your next poultry product challenge to Provisur’s Product Development Team. Fill out the form at to learn more or email