Forming whole muscle red meat, poultry and sausage products requires not only appropriate processing equipment, but also consistently following critical procedures within each step of the process. To ensure your whole muscle forming is done correctly each and every time, the Formax product team, in collaboration with processors throughout the world, has developed and published its new Whole Muscle Forming White Paper that can be downloaded FREE at

By following these outlined steps, processors will discover how to preserve whole muscle integrity throughout the forming process using Formax equipment. Outstanding whole muscle bite, natural appearance and accurate portion sizing can all be achieved at the lowest true cost of ownership, and you can learn how by downloading this white paper. Topics addressed include the key advantages of whole muscle forming, proper product preparation, machinery settings, fill system and tooling design, water spray systems and proper filling pressure.

Forming whole muscle products with Formax equipment, versus producing only cut muscle pieces, ensures proper product preparation. By using forming processes, processors can utilize much of their trim or small muscle pieces to produce “reformulated” whole muscle portions. Steaks, chops, filets, tenders and more can be formed with muscle integrity that is very similar to a cut portion. Formed products also afford processors the luxury of consistent, portion sizes and weight control that will meet or surpass their customers’ product specifications.

In today’s marketplace, your machinery and systems must provide the flexibility to produce a wide range of products to minimize line configuration changes and increase profitability, as well as to promote continuous automation. One way to maximize production line efficiency is to utilize the same processing systems for your ground or emulsified products as you do for whole muscle products. The same features that make the Formax line of forming systems the choice for whole muscle poultry forming are equally beneficial in forming products from other proteins, including beef and pork.

To download your FREE copy of the Formax Whole Muscle Forming White Paper, visit, download the white paper today.

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