It’s absolutely imperative that global food processors utilize the most appropriate forming machinery and systems available in order to effectively respond to a wide variety of formed product needs. Although most forming systems can be divided into two categories, slide plate and rotary formers, each processor’s needs are different and there are distinct slide plate and rotary former features that make choosing the right solution critical to the success of your formed product production.

In order to help processors choose the right processing equipment to meet their specific forming needs, the Formax product team has developed and published its newest white paper titled, Choosing the Right Forming Technology: Slide Plate or Rotary, that can be downloaded at

The main topics addressed in this white paper are:

  • Slide Plate Forming Basics
  • Rotary Forming Basics
  • NovaMax and VerTex Technology Benefits
  • High Pressure Forming/Low Pressure Forming

Slide plate formers are perfectly suited for processors that form a wide variety of formed products and require a wide variety of tooling, while rotary forming systems are best suited for processors that form high volumes of product with minimal tooling changes. This Formax white paper discusses the advantages and potential disadvantages of each format.

NovaMax and VerTex technologies represent the next generation of Formax Forming Systems. Although there is a great deal of commonality in their designs, the major difference between each format is the type of tooling movement: slide plate on the NovaMax and rotary on the VerTex.

As distinct differences exist between slide plate and rotary forming systems, the features that make one system the best choice for one processor may not be beneficial to another’s particular processing needs. Go to and download a free White Paper on Choosing the Right Forming Technology: Slide Plate or Rotary today. For more information on forming needs e-mail today.

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