An ever-growing list of customer requirements for utilizing a wide range of various processing technologies led Formax, a Provisur Technologies Inc. brand, to create an online library of comprehensive, technical white papers that have the critical information for processors to help them acquire the appropriate technology for their processing needs, as well as for troubleshooting various operations. All white papers can be downloaded at

Formax’s White Paper Library includes:

Whole Muscle Forming – Forming whole muscle red meat, poultry and sausage products requires not only appropriate processing equipment, but also consistently following critical procedures within each step of the process. To ensure your whole muscle forming is done correctly each and every time, the Formax product team, in collaboration with processors throughout the world, has developed and published its new Whole Muscle Forming White Paper.

Slide Plate Or Rotary Forming – Although most forming systems can be divided into either slide plate or rotary formers, each processor’s needs are different, and there are distinct slide plate and rotary former features that make choosing the right solution critical to the success of your formed product production. In order to help processors choose the right processing equipment to meet their specific forming needs, the Formax product team has developed and published an exclusive white paper titled, Choosing the Right Forming System: Slide Plate Or Rotary.

Enhancing Food Safety – To satisfy processors’ increasing production needs to consistently manufacture safe, industry leading products, Provisur goes beyond the ten operational and equipment sanitary design principles established by the American Meat Institute (AMI) Equipment Design Task Force (EDTF) in all processing equipment we design and manufacture. Read our case study for key information on how Formax Forming technologies can help advance your food safety.

Innovative Case Studies – A new series of case studies featuring innovative packers and processors showcase how Formax is at the forefront in designing the forming equipment and tooling that have helped create numerous, innovative industry “firsts,” such as the chicken nugget, homestyle patty and more. These case studies reveal the challenges each processor faced to process their value-added meat and poultry product and how they successfully met each challenge with the help of Formax’s forming technologies and expertise. Read how other leading packers and processors worked with Provisur to develop innovative, value-added meat and poultry products of the future.

Making Perfect Burgers – In recent years, industry has shifted away from producing 25-lb., individually quick-frozen (IQF) boxes of burgers to smaller trays, packages or bags of refrigerated/never-frozen case-ready burgers. Today, more than 25 feet of different fresh, refrigerated burgers are on display in the refrigerated grocery section. Premium, fresh-pack burgers have overtaken their frozen competition by consistently offering top-of-the-line, high-quality products. Provisur has taken a fresh look at how to manufacture an extraordinary burger. Today, the challenge is to efficiently and consistently create burgers through highly automated portion control while at the same time yielding product that exhibits a home-made, random appearance. Provisur’s exclusive white paper divulges the secrets of how to deliver a better burger through grinding, mixing, separating and forming at a lower cost of ownership.

Poultry-Focused Technology – From finely ground, emulsified product to premium whole muscle product, the Formax brand of versatile processing equipment delivers a more poultry-focused wide range of value-added products. Chicken nuggets, chicken breast or thighs, chicken tenders, chicken rings, chicken fries and popcorn chicken have one thing in common; all are formed on the same technology. Bring your next poultry product challenge to Provisur’s Product Development Team. Download your Poultry Applications White Paper today.

Formax Configurator – Determining the exact forming equipment solution for your operation can be a complex decision, which is based on getting the correct answers to a highly specific set of questions about your production needs. Choosing the wrong piece of forming equipment will result in a costly mistake that could jeopardize both your product quality and line efficiencies. This is why the Formax Configurator was developed. This intelligent, user-friendly, interactive, online tool is designed to help processors quickly and efficiently select the right forming equipment to optimize line performance while delivering the lowest cost of ownership. The Formax Configurator helps processors make the best equipment choice based on specific needs. This handy tool is available at and can help you make the best decision for your unique operation.

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