The new Formax VerTex1000 breakthrough technology currently in field testing is the largest-capacity forming system in the world, plus it offers features unique to the industry. For example, its Advanced Rotary Drum remains free and clear throughout production and can be cleaned without special chemicals or special cleaning stations, plus it does not require long cleaning cycles. This results in a more sustainable system requiring less energy and water to operate.

Its unique Direct Drive Servo System offers the industry’s highest output at drum speeds of up to 30 RPM and rates up to 18,000 pounds (8180 kg) per hour. The Servo Knock-Out System ensures excellent product placement plus operates without additional system requirements. A Dual Lobe Pump enhances texture with accurate product movement and a minimum of product “working.” What’s more, multiple forming widths maximize flexibility and further reduce costs.

“This unmatched level of capacity fully complements a processor’s ability to produce a wide range of products and lowers costs through line consolidation, reduced maintenance, among other things,” says Tom Wolcott, director of research & development and electrical engineering for Provisur® Technologies, parent company of Formax.

VerTex1000 can produce high-quality, value-added poultry and read meat products with Formax’s Tender-Form®, Port-Fill® and Verti-Form® filling systems and contoured True-Sculpt® tooling. VerTex1000 is ideal for a wide range of products including chicken nuggets, natural-looking whole-muscle products, hamburgers and more, all the while ensuring unsurpassed product texture and exact weight portions. Portions can be as thin as .200” (5mm) or as thick as .750” (19mm) with front-to-back dimension of up to 6.00” (152.4mm).

The VerTex1000 15” Touch Screen Interface offers a full range of operating and diagnostic screens in multiple languages. And the pivoting product hopper ensures higher productivity and maximum food safety.

The VerTex1000 is part of an exclusive Formax forming-technology line that includes the NovaMax500™, Maxum700®, F-400™and F-6™. Combined, this cutting-edge technology is transforming the Meat and Poultry industry.

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