Formax FormerThe innovative Formax VerTex technology, a groundbreaking development in the industry for its improved production efficiencies and sustainability, is now available for mid-sized processing lines. The design and technology of the new Formax VerTex660 allows for superior texture, greater versatility and exact weight portion control, all with the lowest cost of ownership.

 A hallmark of Formax’s VerTex technology is an Advanced Rotary Drum, which can be cleaned without special chemicals or cleaning stations and remains free and clear throughout production. As a result, the system is more sustainable, leading to greater water and energy efficiency.

Another unique feature of the VerTex660 is a Servo Knock-Out System that ensures excellent product placement without additional system requirements. The unique Direct Drive Servo System offers high output, with drum speeds of up to 12,000 pounds (5443 kg) per hour.

The VerTex660 also includes a Dual Lobe Pump that ensures consistent fills, prevents excessive product “working” and enhances texture with accurate product movement. Thanks to the system’s versatility and efficiency, multiple forming widths are possible to maximize flexibility and further reduce costs.

The 15” Touch Screen Interface offers a full range of operating and diagnostic screens in multiple languages. The pivoting product hopper ensures higher productivity and maximum food safety.

“Mid-sized processors have been looking for greater throughput, versatility, efficiency and cost savings, and the VerTex660 can deliver these and other attributes with its revolutionary design. It’s all about doing more with less,” says Tom Tonra, Global Product Manager, Forming for Provisur® Technologies, parent company of Formax. “VerTex technology received impressive results on the production lines. Consistent product quality, substantial improvements in weight control, product leakage was virtually non-existent, daily setup time was reduced and routine preventive maintenance time was reduced by more than 75% versus previously used forming technology with one processor,” continued Tonra.

The VerTex660 is part of an exclusive Formax forming-technology line that includes the VerTex1000,NovaMax500, Maxum700, F-400and F-6. Combined, this cutting-edge technology is transforming the Meat and Poultry industry.

Provisur Technologies Inc., with a family of proven brands, AM2C, Beehive, Cashin, Formax, Multitec, TST and Weiler, offers a complete platform for food processing equipment, including meat recovery, separating, grinding, mixing, material handling, forming, slicing, coating, cooking and freezing equipment for processing beef, poultry, pork, fish and other food products.

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