Harpak Ulma DIGIHarpak-Ulma Packaging LLC is proud to announce an alignment with DIGI, a global leader in weigh/price/label systems, for distribution of its product offerings in the United States and Canada effective immediately. Both companies are enthusiastic to move forward in this mutually rewarding partnership.

Charles Harlfinger, CEO of Harpak-ULMA Packaging states, “The addition of DIGI will allow us to further increase our offerings of complete systems in order to deliver more value to our customers. The offerings of complete systems will enhance productivity and efficiency to help reduce costs.”

DIGI, the brand name of Teraoka Seiko, is one of the most technically advanced weighing companies in the world offering solutions to all weighing requirements.

Takashi Katayama, Managing Director of Digi Europe Ltd., states, “We are all very excited at Digi Europe to be working alongside Harpak-Ulma and look forward to a long and successful partnership, serving our existing and future customers with high quality, technically advanced systems that are demanded by the leading companies within the food manufacturing and processing industry.”