Harpak-ULMA DuPont winnerHarpak-ULMA was part of a collaborative team to bring an award winning product to market. A roast-in-the-bag chicken package was proclaimed a Silver Winner in this year’s Dupont Packaging awards in the USA. The package consists of a high temperature printed Dupont– Teijin mylar film and a quad seal, gusseted flow pack design developed by ULMA.

The award was won for enhancing the user experience and maximizing food safety by taking away the need for the consumer to handle raw chicken while providing the at-home chef with an easy to use and convenient method for making a home cooked meal.

The package design team consisted of ULMA packaging (equipment), FFP Packaging Solutions, Inc (providers of the colorfully pre-printed mylar film), Faccenda (packer) and Asda Butcher’s Selection-UK (a wholly owned division of Walmart).

The package was wrapped on an ULMA Artic Flow wrapping machine. The “quad seal” feature of the package was developed to add integrity and shape to each package and is automatically formed as part of the flow wrapping process.  The result is a more rectangular package which allows for the height needed for a product such as whole chicken.

Harpak-ULMA is the North American source for ULMA packaging and material handling systems. For more information visit www.harpak-ulma.com.