Corbion Purac, a global leader in meat preservation, has launched Verdad N16, designed to offer food safety with consumer-friendly labeling. Verdad N16 is part of Corbion Purac’s growing portfolio of fermentation-based ingredient solutions and was developed in response to industry demand for natural ingredients that consumers recognize. Verdad N16 is minimally processed and can be used in products which claim "made with natural ingredients" or "no artificial preservatives".

Verdad N16, labeled as "cultured corn sugar and vinegar", is a natural ferment derived from carefully selected food cultures. This truly unique blend of cultured corn sugar and vinegar is ideal for use in Ready-to-Eat meat and poultry products. This product is specifically designed to offer food safety by controlling the growth of Listeria in cured meats up to 120 days. Verdad N16 is a label-friendly alternative, to be used at lower use levels than well-known lactate/di-acetate containing preservatives. It is also a potassium based ingredient making it ideal for use in low sodium formulations.

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