Corbion will use IFT 2015 as a platform not only to launch exciting new ingredients, but also to showcase its collaborative approach to new product development in the food and beverage industries. The company is launching a new range of natural, multifunctional ingredients for meat and poultry that ensures food safety and enhances shelf life, yield, taste, texture and appearance. Plus, for manufacturers seeking to remove trans fats, which are commonly found in partially hydrogenated oils, Corbion will present its pioneering portfolio of non-PHO emulsifiers.

Meeting the need for multifunctionality

For the ready-to-eat and fresh meat and poultry sectors, Corbion’s new multifunctional ingredient solutions are blends of natural ingredients, and will help manufacturers achieve food safety standards without sacrificing  process yield or consumer appeal in a wide range of ready-to-eat and fresh meat and poultry products while meeting demands for natural and clean labels. Available as a convenient powder, these new vinegar blends are ready to use, easy to dose and have been developed to respond to specific challenges, including listeria control in cured meats and shelf life extension in fresh sausages.

“Recently, there has been a real growth in the market for clean label and natural solutions,” comments David Charest, Industry Director, Meat North America. “At Corbion we anticipated these developments early on and have been formulating natural, specialty ingredients. As a result, we are now well-placed to serve our customers with a complete portfolio of biobased solutions, Opti.Form® lactate / acetate blends and Verdad® clean label blends, to help combat harmful microbes and extend shelf life without affecting color, flavor or texture.”

Simplifying a trans fat free transition

As well as enhancing quality and food safety, Corbion also offers innovative reformulation solutions for customers looking to remove specific ingredients from their products. A respected pioneer in emulsifier solutions, Corbion will highlight its capabilities in the development of non-PHO emulsifiers. These groundbreaking drop-in solutions allow food manufacturers to replace their current emulsifiers without affecting the functional attributes of their products, helping them simplify and streamline the process of reformulation. The new emulsifiers are suited to the bakery, confectionery, dairy, beverage and processed food sectors.

Unleashing the power of sour

Corbion’s ingredients for candy producers increase flavor intensity and taste innovation, as well as ensuring product stability throughout the supply chain. For new product development or product improvements in both hard and soft confectionery, Corbion’s diverse range of multifunctional ingredients enabling superior sourness with unrivalled stability will be on show at booth #1218.

Visitors to Corbion’s booth will be able to sample ice cream, danish, muffins, sausage, ham, sour gummies and other mouthwatering products formulated with Corbion’s ingredients. They can also enter a free prize draw to win one of two Apple Watch Sports.

To find out how Corbion’s new ingredients can help inspire innovation and optimize formulations, stop by at booth #1218 to meet the company’s technical experts and discuss new opportunities for collaboration. For more information, visit