ShieldMark Floor TapeShieldMark Inc. designed its patented Mighty Line floor tapes (US 8, 088, 480 B2) and other floor marker products with the specific aim of helping managers make their facilities safer, more organized and productive. ShieldMark’s labor saving easy to apply floor marking products are used in a wide variety of industries.

Mighty Line’s long lasting durability and labor-saving advantages−easily outperform alternatives such as labor-intensive painting and thinner, shorter-lasting floor tapes. Essential attributes in the product line include: quick application, long life, and critical safety warning messages. Durable, quick and easy to apply peel and stick floor markers are fast rendering floor painting obsolete. Painting is time consuming, likely to include annoying fumes, may contain harmful VOCs, and may require shut-down of value-added production areas/activities.

Mighty Line’s advanced floor marking tapes provide non-invasive floor marking installation and removal. They can also be cleaned with industrial brush scrubbers, resist damage from wheeled forklift traffic, and are fume-free. As a result, many managers from a wide variety of industries are using these floor marking products to ease their 5S lean manufacturing implementations.

Best practice methods encourage color usage as a visual communication method. Different colors can be used for different functional areas such as: inspection, machining, storage, kitting, shipping, etc. Many safety managers use color coding to enhance work area safety and accident prevention. A widely- adopted system for color-coding basic safety standards includes the use of red (danger and stop); orange (intermediate levels of danger); yellow (caution); green (safety, egress and first aid equipment); and blue (informational signs).

Mighty Line’s patented floor tape portfolio includes nine standard colors in four standard widths (2”, 3”, 4”, 6”) to meet all “best practice” applications. Center-Line Mighty Line with luminescent (glow-in-the-dark) center-line, or differently colored center-line, are available in 2”, 4”, and 6” widths. Custom colors and styles are also available.

Effective floor marking makes a physical space easier for occupants to understand and be more aware of traffic patterns, work-flow routes, and hazardous work areas. Mighty Line floor markings are used to identify proper traffic flow routes, identify different departments/functional areas inside facilities, and identify proper storage locations of inventory and equipment. These markings are used to segregate motorized vehicles from pedestrian traffic and help prevent accidental collisions.

Mighty Line 5S floor tape products are available in nine standard colors and four different widths. Essential 5S products include: angles, T’s, footprints, dots, and arrows.

The wide variety of Mighty Line colored floor marking 5S angles aid in facility layout, organizational control, and overall neatness by providing proper inventory and equipment placements. Placing the right items in the right places reduces the likelihood of misplaced pallets, inventories, and equipment−saving retrieval time and reducing non-productive searching activities.

Mighty Line’s 5S floor marking products aid in optimizing overall facility organization and can have a significant positive impact on the efficiency of overall operations. Because of the product’s quick installation, it’s also easy to meet unplanned or last-minute inspections with a full-range of readily available Mighty Line floor tapes, floor angles markers, floor T’s, dots, and footprints.

It is critical for occupants to be are aware of dangerous equipment, processes, and work areas and to understand how to remain aware and safe in these areas. Mighty Line’s Diagonal Floor Tapes signify areas where heightened occupant awareness of danger is required. The diagonal tapes are readily available in bright standard colors of yellow with black diagonals, white with black diagonals, and white with red diagonals − in all four standard width sizes.

In the event of unexpected power failure, Mighty Line’s luminescent (glow-in-the-dark) floor tape with a glow-in-the-dark center line tape illuminates egress aisle-ways during blackout power outages.

Floor safety compliance signs are an essential tool used by managers to notify building occupants to keep emergency equipment free from blockage, mark/assure quick access to emergency equipment, and warn them of dangerous work areas.

Mighty Line offers a variety of standard shapes and sizes of floor safety compliance signs − all in durable, non- slick, heavy duty adhesive formats. Floor Sign types include AED Defibrillator or CPR Station signs, caution/stop signs, hearing protection signs, etc. Custom floor signs are also available in different colors, languages, and design configurations.

Effective floor marking makes a physical space safer and easier for occupants to understand and operate−while maximizing production efficiencies. ShieldMark’s Mighty Line floor marking tapes are used as a tool to help mangers run a safe, organized and productive facility. Mighty Line offers an expansive line of durable (3-Year Limited Warranty), easy to install, quick/clean to remove, and fume-free floor marking solutions.

The following additions/advancements to the Mighty Line spectrum of taping system solutions are planned for introduction during 2014:

? Cold Application Floor Tape

? Rodent / Sanitation Floor Tape

? Label protectors

? Mighty Line Cleaner

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